WHAT is around you has a profound affect on how you feel and how you act. Even more important is the WHO around you. In other words, the people around you either feed you or starve you.
 It doesn’t matter if the people are family or long time friends or they saved your life. If they are constant complainers and whiners. If they are always taking advantage of you. If they treat you poorly. If they take, take, take and never give. If they put you down. If they suck all of your energy. If they don’t value you. If they belittle you in any way. They are toxic to you and they have no place in your life.
 The very first step in learning to love yourself is getting rid of those people who make you feel bad. You have a life which is a precious, beautiful blessing. To live that life to the fullest you must have the courage to change what can be changed. There are billions of people out there. All you meet will affect you in some way. Whether you allow them into your life or not is your choice not theirs.

 Honor yourself. Respect yourself. Love yourself. Embrace those who love you. Dismiss those who won’t. And stop making excuses for the ones who won’t. You deserve better. 

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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