What is most unexpected in your life? For most people except the very young, the notion that the very best part of your life is still ahead of you is difficult to believe. When we lose our grandparents and other loved ones, it seems as if the funnest times are behind us. When we move and leave friends and familiar places we are always comparing the new friends and new places to the absolutely wonderful people and places of our past. (Things behind us have a way of being remembered as better than they ever were!)

But what if? What if our best days, our deepest most memorable belly laughs, our most confident moments, our crystal clear self realization is all still ahead of us? Would imagining a future like that change our present? You bet it would! We could surmount any obstacle, cast aside any anxiety, weather any storm because we would know, without the shadow of a doubt, that just up ahead was our total and complete happiness and contentment.

If thinking super positive about the future is a stretch for you, consider that your future hasn’t been written in its entirety yet and at this point in time, your brilliant, golden future is just as possible as any other outcome. Still hard to believe? Then consider how dark the glasses you are wearing really are. If you can cast a pall over what is yet unwritten, you are bound to be unhappy and unfulfilled.

Take off the dark glasses, throw them down, grind them underfoot and refuse to see what God has created as anything less than beautiful and uplifting. Cast aside thoughts of failure, loss, separation or future pain and embrace at least the possibility that your future could be something unexpected, unexpectedly rich and beautiful and more happy than you have ever been. It could happen.

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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