What’s Wrong?

We are obsessed with “What’s Wrong?” and it’s ruining our lives. “What’s wrong with my job?”. What’s wrong with my child, my parent, my co-worker, my dishwasher, my resume, my shoes, my etc., etc.,etc.?

We want to be ahead of any failures. We want to head troubles off at the pass. We want to nip things in the bud. In other words, we want to deal with little problems and not big ones. Somehow we believe that if we stay constantly alert to “What’s Wrong?” we will catch that cold before it turns into pneumonia or we will get new tires before we have a flat. And you know what? We are right.

We do catch things early and we do sidestep more ominous problems and we do see signs and portents about our relationships, our job and even our gums. We get so good at this that we decide early on to be even more vigilant, to fish with an even a finer net. Our thinking is that done perfectly, we can catch everything early and big problems will be obsolete.

There are two major difficulties with this thinking. First, every crisis in our life does not give a warning. People and relationships die suddenly. Misfortune comes like a sudden, sunny day thunderstorm. Stuff happens without warning. Secondly, staying constantly on alert and watching for “What’s Wrong?” blinds us completely to “What’s Right?”.

When we no longer focus on “What’s Right?” we miss the triggers and prompts for gratitude. We miss the beauty. We miss the miracles. We miss the extraordinary. We miss those things that start out badly but turn out marvelously. We miss letting some things work out on their own. Pretty soon we stop missing what we are missing and the world, our world, turns an ugly shade of gray.

​​​​​​​We live in a world of amazing people and miraculous events. We also live in a world of terribly acting people and horrific events. This is life and one way or another we are destined to live it all, the good and the bad. Be aware of the bad. Be oh so ever grateful for the good and get a net with bigger holes so that you can just let some things pass right through you. You will soon find that sometimes letting something go is way easier than trying to figure out “What’s Wrong?” with it.

Remember that anytime you need a little boost, a little more light in your world all you have to do is ask yourself “What’s Right?” and you’ll find plenty.

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