What’s Wrong?

What’s wrong? I mean, really, what’s bothering you right now? I’m sure it doesn’t take a whole lot of time to come up with an answer because what is wrong or bothering us usually has our full attention. Oh, we may think about something else for a while or even do a bit of work or planning but the moment we relax, it pops up again and that churning in our stomach and that tightness in our body is back. We let the thoughts and pictures sit there in the forefront of our minds hoping that maybe this time, just maybe, an answer will magically appear beside it but just like the last hundred times we waited, no answer. The fact of the matter is …the answer can’t appear!

There are problems in this world and there are solutions to those problems. The most important key to solving your problems or my problems or any problem whatsoever is to know that problems and solutions do not exist on the same level. This is huge! Knowing this, our life changes for the better almost instantaneously. Let me explain. If we think of problems as darkness and solutions as light, you can easily understand that they can’t exist together because the moment they do, darkness disappears. When we are in the darkness, it is impossible to stumble around and find light. It is only when we follow even the tiniest ray of light do we find light. In other words, if we keep focusing on our problems, all we get is our problems BUT, if as soon as we state the problem, we start focusing on the solution, we will be going away from the problem towards the solution. If problem and solution were together, they would cancel each other out.

Have you ever come up with an answer after you put the problem out of your mind? Have you ever found an answer after you stopped thinking about the question? There are great forces that go to work finding answers and solutions for us the moment a problem arises in our life but we have to give up our attachment to the problem before we can have the solution. Once we know and understand our problem there is no reason to ever visit it again. 100% of our focus from then on has to be the search for and the expectation of a solution.

Our problems are real, daunting, significant and also very compelling of our attention. Let today be the day that we begin to take our energy and attention off our problems and use it instead to open up and keep open a pathway that light and love and, oh yeah, all the solutions can easily come through to us. What we expect is usually what we get.

(c)2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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  1. Lacy Gerecke Says:

    One again, your article is very nice

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you Lacy. Today’s message is quite good too. Love and Blessings, Patrick

  3. Carrieann Says:

    More posts of this quality. Not the usual c***, palese

  4. admin Says:

    I will do my best Carrieann. Let me know how I’m doing from time to time. Okay?

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