Where’s the good stuff?

Where’s the good stuff?
You look around and you see your problems. You think about the work in front of you and you feel the anxiety rise. You think about finances and the future and…the darkness descends. Suddenly, because of all of the self work you have done, you realize “Hey! I don’t want to live like this, think like this or feel like this!” Congratulations! You have done well young Jedi! So, you turn off the pessimism and negativity and you look for the good stuff to focus on instead of the bleak and dreary. You look and you look but every time you come up with a positive thought it quickly morphs into a negative. You remember a gift and the joy but it is quickly supplanted with the loss of another gift or the paucity of gifts in your life. Every positive thought is quickly corrupted. What to do?

You look for answers and you cant find them and the reason is that once you are awash with negativity, you can’t get out because there is too much YOU in your thoughts. The original negativity is like wet, black paint on the canvas of YOU. If you want to paint over it you have to wait until it dries or else every color that you use, no matter how clear and bright is going to mix with the dark paint. So, while the paint dries (and it will if you leave it alone!) you turn your attention away from the canvas of YOU and you look for another beautiful canvas. You look for the canvas of people you love, people who love you, people that inspire and motivate you, your Creator, the people who make you smile and you focus on them and not YOU.

Soon, you feel the glow of positivity and positive possibilities and you take that feeling back to the canvas of YOU (which is completely dry now because it hasn’t had a fresh coat in a while) and you paint over it with the colors of love and inspiration and joy and your life is a beautiful masterpiece once again. Sometimes, the best thing that you can do for YOU is to love someone else.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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