Wonderful You

You are better than you think you are. You are amazing, wonderful and undeniably terrific. You are caring and loving and honest. You are spiritual and in love with beauty and nature. You want to alleviate the suffering in this world. You want to help people,especially the young, avoid the pain you have felt.

So why does life seem so terribly hard at times? Mostly it is because you have forgotten the truths in the previous paragraph. You have forgotten the truth of who you are.

Sometimes life collapses from a bright, cheerful fire down to a tiny glowing ember (never further) and all seems darkening. It is only the breath of your gratitude that can turn that glowing ember back into a beautiful blaze again. That’s right, it is your gratitude for everything else in the world that sets your world right again. Once you acknowledge the beauty and love out there you will see the beauty and love inside you.

Practice, train yourself to see the good in this world. Look for the weddings and the birthday parties and the births. Look for the babies of every species and marvel at the adorableness.

Look for love everywhere and you will always find it somewhere.

Yes, you truly are better than you think you are and the world is better than you think it is. There is so much beauty and love in each and every day of our lives. Look for it outside or look for it inside but for Heaven’s sake never stop looking.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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