We think, oh Lord how much we think! We think about the future, the past, the laundry, the name of that thing, the repercussions of what we just did or thought about doing. Another thought filled moment of our life passes by much like all the others. Is there something to be gained by all of this thinking? In a word, no.

Thoughts are made from words and words are one of the most wonderful parts of our lives but there is something even more wonderful and that is wordlessness. There are no words in the night sky or in the sound of a flute or in a lover’s eyes until we put them there. Don’t rush to find the right words. For a moment, just be.

Train yourself to see the moon and stars with a sense of awe without describing it. See the beauty of creation all around you and feel the upwelling of gratitude inside of you but stop short of translating that feeling into words. Sense the love you have for another and their love for you and let it fill your whole being without naming it.

It is in presence without subtitles that we truly live large.

Words will describe our world for us but they will also limit our experience. Today, go beyond words every now and then and just be in awe of this miracle and blessing we have been gifted.Today, once or twice, take a conscious breath and take a break from thinking and just be.Today, love without description or judgement for just a moment or two. There is something special to be discovered there. Just be. There are no words for that. Thank Heavens.

©2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick J McBride
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