You are great!

Happy New Year! I wanted to take this moment and let you know that you are standing on the threshold of the very best time of your life. All that you have read and studied, all that you have dreamed and fantasized about, all that you have been taught by two legged teachers and four legged teachers and by experience and tears has been to fully equip you for this wonderful time. You are ready. Get rid of your doubts again and again and again. Walk your beliefs. Breathe your beliefs. Be your beliefs. You know what you want and you know what is right and good for you. Bring joy and consciousness to everything that you do. Don’t expect everything you do to bring consciousness and joy to you! You are and always have been a generator of love and joy. TURN UP THE VOLUME. Fill your life with what feels right to you. Acknowledge your problems but spend ALL of your time and energy on the solutions not on the problems.
The clarion call has gone out and it’s playing reveille! It’s time to wake up and create your joy and it’s time to let any and all negatives pass right by you like leaves in the wind. Forget the leaves! You’re after the bloomin’ flowers! Love and Blessings, Patrick


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