You can’t change them!

You’ve made a few mistakes. You’ve learned many of life’s important lessons and you have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t. So far so good. The missing point here is that this is all about you! When are you going to realize that other people feel just as right and fixed in their beliefs as you do? When are you going to realize that YOU CAN’T CHANGE ANYONE? What could someone possibly say that would make you change your ways? Oh, I know, your ways don’t need to be changed. That’s the way most people feel!
Everyone is going to grow in a way that they feel is right for them. That means that your children, friends, lovers and spouses are not determining what they do by how you feel but by how they feel and how they feel is a product of their thoughts and not yours. You can advise them, pray for them, give them books to read but the best way to influence them is by being someone that they wish to emulate. When you are the happiest, most loving, most compassionate person that you can be they MAY want to copy you. There is no guarantee that they will. Whether they choose to copy you or not, know that by being the best that you can be, you will have made a success of the life you have been given and that is all about you.


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