Your Power

We have all heard about giving away your power to someone else and we take it as a real possibility and something to watch out for in case we just inadvertently give away our power to someone. It’s nonsense. You cannot give away your personal power any more than you can give away your breathing or your digestion to someone else. You have great power all of the time. I repeat -YOU HAVE GREAT POWER ALL OF THE TIME. You can’t give it away or throw it away or walk away from it. All you can do is use it or ignore it. If you decide to ignore it you will gravitate towards those who are using theirs and you will follow them. If you decide to use it you simply decide to follow your own intuition and the more you use it the clearer it will become. Will you be right 100% of the time ? Of course not but better to suffer your own mistakes than to suffer another’s. If two people in a relationship, whether it be family or marriage or friendship or work, decide to operate from person al power and follow their own intuition tempered with love and compassion for the other person, how can there be anything but harmony and growth for both? If we have been ignoring our personal power how do we start using it? Slowly is the key. If you suddenly try to use your considerable power when you haven’t been using very much of it, you will feel overwhelmed and you will rush right back to the comparative safety of someone else’s power. Affirm often each day that you are powerful and capable. When you feel indecisive, force yourself to choose and accept the victory or defeat as another step forward in using your power. Make decisions. Act! Follow your heart. Forgive your mistakes and don’t look back. You have always had the power that you have been searching for. It’s time for you to start using more of it. Today.


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  1. Shu Pavoni Says:

    Love your site man keep up the good work

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you Shu! And thanks for your support. We are going to get better together. LOve and Blessings, Patrick

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