People have always said a lot about me, ever since I was born. My problem was that I believed ALL of them. The fact that only some were true didn’t dawn on me until much later in life. If someone said something good about me – I felt good. If someone said something terrible about me – I felt terrible. Compounding all of this was my own ability to generate negative thoughts from what I had seen or read or heard. I was a mess.

I went off to college figuring that I would get away from myself, but I took myself with me. One very dark night I decided to end my life because I thought of myself as a failure. Having convinced myself that I was a failure, I, of course, failed at taking my life. After a couple of days in the hospital it suddenly hit me like a thunderclap – whatever I thought about governed my life. I was successfully creating from my thoughts. It just wasn’t what I wanted. What a revelation! I wanted to shout it to the world, yell it from the rooftops. Then I found out that some very wise people have been shouting this for millenniums. I embarked on a quest to learn as much as I could and to help as many people as I could. I threw myself into the study of theology and philosophy and psychology and meditation. I continued to make mistakes (more than my share!) but I was slowly learning that my thoughts created my happiness or lack thereof.

I’ve been an altar boy and a rogue, a hippie and a U.S. Marine, a meditation teacher and a nightclub manager, a pompous ass and a humble fool, an eager husband twice and a grateful father five times and all the while I was growing and learning and trying to help others. It might not have always looked it, but I have been very blessed and fortunate – due in no small part to all of the mistakes I have made. I have been able to help a great many people. And I can help you.

One of the ways I help is by writing Sundrops on Life every weekday morning. They are three uplifting thoughts I compose that help many people start their day or turn their day around. Sign up here for your free “Sundrops”. Read the blogs. Buy the Sundrops on Life books and the other books listed in the resources. Find a way to let an awareness of God back into your life. Start creating a spiritual toolbox so that you can repair whatever breaks. Check out all the resources available to you.

Let me help you to create a better life – starting right now.