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Sundrops on Life Volume 1 (A Book of Good Thoughts) and Volume 2 (Worry Faith Wisdom) are collections of some of the best of Patrick’s daily Sundrops, spanning the themes of worry, hope, health, love, anger, children and more. They are wonderful reminders when you need a pickup, mood adjustment or just some words to soothe your soul. Books purchased on this website can be autographed. You may also download the Ebook or purchase the books on or Order yours now!

Here’s what readers have said about Sundrops on Life: A Book of Good Thoughts

“ Sundrops on Life contains truth the soul craves and quite a few of the quotes may affect you on the emotional level …Time after time, these quotes surprised and enlightened me in a deeper wisdom that the heart knows…”Sundrops On Life” is a book that brings you back to the present while you contemplate how you will live in the future. Truly healing!”

Rebecca Johnson, The

“To have an entire book of fresh, new perspectives is just amazing! Each and every one is just rich and a true nugget of a jewel…This is such an original, lovely book, I promise you will be as charmed as I have been”

Kathy Dannel Vitcak, Editor, The Bookworm

“Spanning themes of worry, hope, health, strength, relationships, faith, anger, children and more, Sundrops on Life is replete with sagacious wisdom and unusual perspectives… If your soul craves wisdom, it will find nourishment through Patrick’s luminous Sundrops.”

Janet Boyer, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer

“Sundrops serve as consistent inspiration allowing us to quiet the mind, even for just a moment, and experience the value of moving in a positive direction.”

Dan Tobin, M.D, Author (Peaceful Dying,
Shelter from the Storm), Professor, and CEO

“I am grateful that Patrick McBride’s wisdom is available in this book. Don’t miss an opportunity to read it, then buy a copy for a friend”

Reader review on Amazon

“Patrick McBride’s Sundrops are truly unique and special. Patrick receives bits of wisdom that are remarkable for their insight and, especially, their compassion. His Sundrops are never trite or cliché, but instead cut right to the heart of the human condition with love and understanding that is rare these days”

MM, San Francisco, CA, Reader review on Amazon

“I had a note today from a really good friend who told me her daughter had had a terrible car crash in February and is now on the mend. She told me that that Sundrops have been a wonderful help to her during this time. See the pebble in the still water how it ripples out to all those that you don’t see”


“I’m having to make some major decisions regarding my professional life and your Sundrops are speaking so much life into my situation. I’m also more cognizant of my attitude towards life and those I come in contact with on a daily basis. I thank God for giving you those special “Sundrops” to share with us!”

VW, Fort Worth, T X