February 19th, 2018

There is no malady in medicine that is called “feeling weird”. It’s not about dyeing your hair orange and wearing strange clothes. It’s about that feeling that something just isn’t right. Maybe it just happened this morning or maybe it is a familiar but unwelcome guest that shows up unannounced way too often.

​​​​​​​You know how it starts. Something doesn’t feel right so you take a personal inventory and hope to find a cause to treat. Is it a bug, a nutritional deficiency, the beginning of the end, etc., etc. Far too often there is no answer and fast on the heels of “feeling weird” comes anxiety who is more than happy to take “feeling weird” to the next level. 

The next level is the unholy trinity of feeling weird, anxiety and fear. At this point your mind is flooded with dark possibilities and only dark possibilities. You reach for anything that is floating because you feel like you are drowning. Maybe it’s prayer or maybe it’s food or drugs or alcohol or sleep or anything to reclaim a better feeling. The battle is on.

But is battling the answer? Do we want to fight this feeling? Do we want to declare war on our anxiety and fear? Do we want to be in the ring with an adversary who is familiar to us but who has unknown abilities? Has it worked before?

How about we try something different? How about we stop battling and start building. How about we focus not on what is wrong but about what needs rebuilding? Can we honestly answer some questions?

For instance, are we sitting too much? Are we actively pursuing wellness? Are we walking, exercising and breathing in a productive, conscious way? Are we filling our minds and our environment with beauty? Are we focusing on that which brings us joy? Are we getting enough sleep, enough touching and enough smiles and laughter?

Focusing on building wellness is not going to empty the hospitals or even make you immune to “feeling weird” but it will change your perspective. It will give you hope. And maybe, just maybe it will give you the clarity and the courage to see and take the next step in building a more content and powerful you. In building we have possibilities. In battling we always have the fear of losing. 

Ask yourself – Where can I be building instead of battling? Health? Relationships? Self esteem? Whatever the answer, build don’t battle. 

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Right Now

February 16th, 2018

Last week I was looking out over the vast expanse of the ocean and I was thinking about some of the problems in my life. Some stuff from the past, some stuff about my children and some generally unsettled stuff was the entirety of my thoughts. 

The thoughts started out as just simple musings on life and before long they deepened into full blown dark clouds. How could I help my daughter? How could I stay out of the rut of daily living? How could I make a difference for those I love? A cascade of other thoughts came to join those and I was lost in the land of “Questions Without Answers”. 

I don’t know how long I was lost but all of a sudden I was back in the present. I looked around at the water and the sunshine and the more present I became the faster the problems retreated. I knew they would never disappear but like clouds parting after a dark storm, there was increasing light. 

In the next moment came one of those rare occurrences, the long sought after AHA! moment. Suddenly and without any conscious prompting by me, across my mind came the words – “RIGHT NOW IT’S GOOD!”. And it was!

Right now my problems were still there BUT there was no immediate crisis. Right now I was healthy and functioning. Right now there may be dark clouds on the horizon but they were not blocking the light from me right now. Right now it really was good!

Suddenly I thought about how many good moments in my life were totally eclipsed by by my thoughts of things unrelated to that moment. I was standing in the beautiful sunshine looking at the beautiful ocean and I might as well have been in a dark dungeon because I experienced none of the beauty around me. How many times had I done this???

​​​​​​​I soon realized that by repeating “Right Now It’s Good” to myself” I was transported to the present reality very quickly and 99% of the time it really was good. I’ve always worked at staying in the present and this little powerhouse of a phrase got me there faster than ever.

I’m not PollyAnn-ish enough to believe that there will only be good times every time I repeat this to myself. There will always be times when Right Now is terrible but there is far, far fewer times than I ever imagined. Most of the time when the present seems terrible it has nothing to do with the present moment. It’s all about dark thoughts of the past or dark thoughts about the future. 

I share this with you today so that you too can know and see your present moment for hopefully being better than your current thinking. Right Now It’s Good!

…always counting that the worst will happen, because it may happen.  To these I say How much pain have cost us the evils which have never happened!”
Thomas Jefferson, Letter to John Adams, Apr. 8, 1816

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” -Mark Twain

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A Better Life

February 12th, 2018

There is something inside of you that often whispers that “Your life could be better if only…” and that’s where the whisper always fades away. So you search your life, your circumstances, your environment for the answer. You settle for the usuals, more money, more of this or that and you go back to your standard routine.

Without cause or reason the whisper always reappears “Your life could be better if only…”. Sometimes it’s just an annoying reminder that you are missing something and sometimes it prods you to meditate or buy a book or pay for a seminar. After the high and the clarity from the book, meditation and seminar, life settles back into a very familiar pace. 

​​​​​​​You search haphazardly now. You try being “not you” and you get a few answers but the energy it takes to be not you is exhausting.  You look to philosophy and religion and the answers you receive sit like beautiful, unique snowflakes in the palm of your hand and after a while what seemed so rare turns into common drops of water. Days of life pass and there it is again “Your life could be better if only…” and this time maybe a trinket or piece of clothing is bought to soothe the unknowing and the searching is all but over.

One day in the quiet, far from searching, the whisper starts again and this time you surrender and for the first time allow it to finish. “Your life could be better if only… you would spread your wings. You have wings but you don’t use them. Remember always that life is drudgery to the eagle that walks instead of flying. Fly away from that which is toxic. Fly away from self imposed limitations. Fly away from those who would belittle or harm you on any level. You were given wings to fly and talons to protect you. You are whole and complete.”

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The Mask

January 29th, 2018

 Why aren’t we happy? Oh sure, we have happy moments and happy occasions but what’s stopping us from being happy 24/7? Most of us feel pretty good about our possessions and of the opportunities available to us but why then can you walk down any street, any mall and find a dearth of smiling people?

 Being born and raised in New York City I learned at a young age that if you walked down the street with a smile on your face, every beggar, street salesman and weirdo was attracted to you like you were some kind of human magnet. 

 When we were young and in school, smiling because you were happy would definitely get you called on for answers to the teachers questions. Your fellow students would label you pretty quickly as “strange”. At home if you sat around with a smile on your face you were obviously “up to something”. You couldn’t be happy and sick because then you were “obviously not that sick”.

 The answer to why you don’t smile more is because smiling/happiness in most situations was perceived as a negative and not a positive. You faked being unhappy so we didn’t get bothered. You learned to put on your “I’m not happy, don’t bother me” face and all was well but there is a very old saying that says “The mask the actor wears soon becomes the actor”. 

 You became unhappy because you acted unhappy and then you came up with stories, true or exaggerated, that bolstered your claim to unhappiness. Ironically at that point you really believed you were unhappy and you started buying things and doing things and drinking and eating things to get happy but it didn’t work.”If only…” became your mantra.

 Our belief in our unhappiness is flawed. We have come to feast on the negativity of this world because our own life is not that bad (feel any resistance to that statement?). We can always find any one of an infinite number of things in this world that are cruel, unfair or horrible and we can use any one of them as a great excuse for being unhappy.

 The fact is you can be happy right now. You can be happy and care about the horrors of this world. You can be happy and still be involved with helping others. You can be happy and have debts and setbacks and scary changes. 

 Happiness is available to each of us. It may be difficult or impossible at certain times but not at all times. You’ve been conditioned to be unhappy but you can bust through that conditioning if you will stay focused on the present and on what is right in your life, on what is working well in your life, on the blessings in your life. You can practice smiling often when you are alone. You can practice by looking for what is right in this world (there’s plenty!). You can practice by trying on some happiness for no reason at all. 

There is no key to happiness. The door to your happiness is always open. Walk in. Take a look around and smile.

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(c)2018 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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First Step

January 8th, 2018

What would happen if you missed the first step in a recipe? A ruined meal. What would happen if you missed the first step going up a ladder? A possible fall. What would happen if you missed the first step in doing the laundry? Pink clothes. 

Why then do we think that we can get what we want if we ignore the first step?

Many people are convinced that they are born unlucky or that they will never get what they want or that some deity is withholding what they want for some lesson to be learned.

The truth is that most people don’t get what they want because they miss the first step. They don’t “feel” what they want. What they want is usually just an idea that shows up periodically in their thoughts. 

This life is complex but it is a life that is filled with simple feelings and emotions. We learned early on that crying brought a needed diaper change or a meal. We pictured and felt ourselves at the beach, skiing or Disneyland long before we actually got there. Feeling are powerful!

We not only dreamed of being there, we felt what it would be like when we got there many, many times. Over and over again we felt our graduation, our move, our vacation and it happened!

The first step to getting what we want is to feel it and to feel it often. Reinforcement is crucial. If we can’t feel it, we will never experience it. Thoughts are the blueprints for what we want. Feeling are the workers that take those blueprints and create exactly what we want.   

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November 23rd, 2017

If you live long enough you will suffer the loss of those you know and even those you love. Everyone has a different idea of what happens after death but everyone agrees that the loss hurts. Sometimes it’s a small hurt and sometimes it’s a great big, last a lifetime kind of hurt but it’s always a hurt.
Why would I be writing about death and loss on a holiday such as Thanksgiving here in the U.S.? It is because barring some seance or ancient ritual, I can’t communicate with those who have died, only with those who are alive right now. It is this ability to communicate with you right now that I am most grateful for today.

We can text and talk and FaceTime and Skype and write in the sand and take pictures of it. We can hug and laugh and argue and act and play and love together. We can do all these things and more because you and I are alive right now and I thank all the powers that be that we are.

Take this awareness of being alive right now and look around you and think about all the people and pets you know and all whom you love who are alive right now in your life. Give thanks for the opportunity to connect and communicate with them. It is an opportunity that will not last forever.

Sharing this moment in time with you is only possible

because we are alive. I am incredibly Thankful that you are alive and that you are somehow, some way in my life. In a while we will both be gone but right now I am very grateful that you are alive. I will give a great shout of “Thank You!” for your aliveness today. Please look around you and give a shout too!

Sundrops On Life – Better Thoughts. Better days.

 Patrick McBride

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Three words

November 13th, 2017

There are three words that will relieve your stress, increase your strength and starve your ego.  It takes courage to say them. There were times when you were punished for saying them in school. You have been mocked, judged and labeled many times by just uttering these three words.

Yes, the price of relief may be extraordinarily high some days but persevere anyway. Don’t look down at the floor when you say them. Look someone straight in the eye and with the greatest amount of self confidence, say them. 

​​​​​​​They say that the truth will set you free and nowhere is that truer than in the utterance of these three words. It is truth and mindfulness and reality all rolled into one beautiful phrase. 

It doesn’t matter your upbringing or your station in life. In fact the higher you are regarded and the more esteemed you see yourself or are seen by others can make the utterance of these three words almost impossible.

Before you say these powerful words, your mind will start to rebel at the thought. Countless other words will be offered. Lies and subterfuge will seem as viable options. Will you give in? 

No! Not you! You are strong enough to use them. You are courageous enough to stand there and say with all honesty “I don’t know!”. Immediately you will feel the shock and disapproval. You will sense your expertise being downgraded by the second. You will see the looks of disbelief. Your ego will shout to you “Quick, make up something! Tell them you were only kidding!” but you will stand by your statement because it is the truth and you will be free.

​​​​​​​It is our failure to say “I don’t know” that leads us to lies and coverups and the ensuing stress. When we lie we then must make a catalog of our lies and constantly pass all thoughts and communication through that catalog so as not to be caught red handed lying about something.

These three words can alter your life, your relationships and your sense of self. Be honest. Be brave. Be real. Say you don’t know when you don’t know.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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That Car

October 30th, 2017

Imagine this scenario. You pull up to a red traffic light. There is one car in front of you. It happens to be a car that you believe is always driven by jerks. Your eyes are drawn to the three bumper stickers on the car that are totally the opposite of the candidate or cause you hold dear. The light changes to green and…nothing. The vile car in front of you doesn’t move. The seconds tick by as your blood pressure rises and finally you do it. You honk your horn sending the sound waves and your displeasure at the same time. The driver’s door of the car in front of slowly opens, face flushing, you gird yourself for a confrontation and…

Out steps your best friend in the whole world!

YOU -Wow! What are you doing here?

BF- I thought that was you behind me!

YOU- Where did you get that car?

BF- One of our neighbors just donated that car to help that cause we both love so much and I was just delivering it to the donation site.

YOU- Wow! The money that car will bring will help quite a few families. What a blessing that car is at a time like this.

BF – I’m holding up traffic. Gotta go! See ya!

How’s your blood pressure now? What do you think about that car and driver now? How’s your mood? What changed?

What you thought was the reality of the situation was not in fact reality. You judged based on appearances. You judged because you thought you had all the facts necessary to condemn a stranger. You judged because in a few short seconds you forgot everything that you were taught, everything that you preach to others, everything you tell your children not to do. 

Are you some horrible beast for doing that? No, you are human and what keeps you as a human from becoming a horrible beast is your ability to pause before you judge another human being. So many times we don’t have a clue on why we, ourselves, did something and yet most times we are absolutely, positively sure why someone else did what they did.

Pause for a brief moment before judging and give your heart a chance to be heard. It just might change your life.  

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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Imagine that

October 23rd, 2017

How do you fix a power failure? I’m not talking about the electricity that powers your abode. I’m talking about a personal power failure. How do you fix that?

Well, before we can fix any power failure we have to locate the power source. The source is the spark of life within each one of us. It isn’t easy to see but we can tell when it’s not there. It’s called being dead. Just about anyone can tell the difference between someone who is asleep and someone who is dead because there is something in each of us that senses a pulsating life force or its absence.

Now, we can feel our own life force easily enough but what is the source? It is our heart. We have a physical heart with all its tubes and chambers and we have a metaphysical heart with it’s amazing abilities. Our metaphysical heart (MH) is similar to a small, powerful reactor. 

Our MH is what powers every cell in our bodies. It is constantly producing an enormous amount of energy. When we feel down, weak, powerless it is because we are not properly directing that energy. It is being dissipated without benefitting us. So how do we plug in and redirect that energy where it will do the most good for us? It is so much easier than you think.


All you have to do is to ask yourself  “What part of me feels weak or powerless?” Close your eyes and imagine the power from your MH going there. 

Your imagination is not the musings of a child. It is the one thing that is not bound by the prison of all you have been taught. Your imagination is THE blueprint for where your MH energy flows. When we feel weak or powerless or less then, our imagination is turned off or way down. When we think that we need energy it is not energy that is lacking. There is always an abundance of that. What is lacking however is the imagination to use it, to direct it. 

​​​​​​​Imagine what you wish to accomplish and consciously direct your MH energy there. Imagine what you want to change and consciously direct your MH energy there. You lack nothing. Let your the energy of your MH teach you and power you. Your life will get better right away. Imagine that.

 Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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The News

October 9th, 2017

Imagine that you were thirsty and being thirsty you sought out a source of some water. Now imagine that you put your mouth in front of a fire hydrant and turned it on. What would happen? You would probably be choking from the incredible amount of water and able to drink no more than a drop or two. To top it off you would still be thirsty. 

Sound familiar? Probably not. It would be difficult to believe that anyone would try to slake their thirst like this. Yet, you and I do something similar every single day. 

Each day we awaken with a thirst for the news. We seriously want to know what is happening, how it will affect us and how it will affect our investments, our plans, our loved ones. It’s not new. Every morning thousands of years ago the neanderthals would come out of their caves and using the only source they had, their senses, they would try to gather all the information they could in order to survive. Then came troubadours, town criers, newspapers, radio,TV and each source expanded our access to the news. 

Now access has undergone a great change. Now we can receive news from an infinite number of sources. Now we can open our eyes and ears to the fire hydrant of news that is constantly gushing forward. There is fake news, liberal news, conservative news, financial news, weather news, international news, propaganda news, satire news, parody news, government news, surfing news, rock climbing news, skiing news and hundreds more. 

What can we do? Look at any newspaper or magazine. What stands out? The headlines! The headlines serve two purposes. They inform us and they tease us into buying them and finding out more. They are fully aware of our addiction to more. 

Like most things in life we want more but we don’t really need more. We switch to little houses and few possessions but our addiction to more news seems to always be raging. It’s time to drink from the garden hose of news  (I know, you were told not to this but this is a metaphor!) and not the hydrant. How do we do this?

Your greatest aide is a cheap oven timer. Sip the news. Be very choosy when you decide to go past the headlines to more. Set the oven timer when you decide you want some news. Set the timer for time on social media. Set the timer for random searches. Set the timer for videos. Set the timer and make no excuses to ignore it when it rings. This will give you an incredible strengthening of your self discipline and it will leave you much, much more time to live and love.

“I can gather all the news I need on the weather report” -Paul Simon

Sundrops On life – Better thoughts. Better days.

 Patrick McBride

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