July 5th, 2017

Imagine that you are looking down at a canoe or kayak that was custom made especially for you. You step down into it and it fits you perfectly. You push off into the current and you notice that the workmanship is perfect. The material is perfect. The shape is perfect. It is capable of anything.

You see something interesting over to your left and decide to check it out. You look around inside your perfect craft and freak out! There are no paddles!!!! You are at the mercy of the current. Is that the sound of a waterfall up ahead???

Take a breath. 

Many of us feel like we have no control over where life is taking us. We are in life’s current and it’s taking us to places and situations without our consent.We feel helpless and we are always in fear of the waterfall we imagine lies ahead. We are not living. We are just holding on.

Take a breath.

If we were to step out of our craft we would soon see that all of our fears are unfounded. The current that we thought was all controlling is merely waist deep. All we have to do is step out and look at the situation.

Take a breath.

When we go into our mind looking for answers and see none we freak out and imagine all the worst. Sometimes we just need to step out of our thoughts to realize that our problems are only waist deep. Paddles? They were always there but they were hanging on the outside of the craft and we couldn’t see them until we got out for a moment.

All it takes is a pause. The fear evaporates. The control comes back to us and the journey continues. It all starts when consciously we…

Take a breath.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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June 26th, 2017

Where is hope? Does it shine like a star in the dark night sky just waiting for us to fix our gaze upon it? Is it the precious diamond hidden deep within the earth that is only uncovered by digging deeply in the dark? Is it the elusive firefly that sparkles briefly here and then there?

Hope is in the dark night sky and in the dark earth and in the evening dusk. Hope is everywhere. It is in the bannister we reach for when we stumble on the stairs. It is in the pill that promises relief. It is in the hug that says we are not alone.

Hope is invisible and yet we have all felt it. We have felt the gentle push helping us to take another step. We have felt the cool breeze that dries our tear soaked cheeks. We have felt the surprising arrival of an uplifting memory that made us smile when we thought we could never smile again.

Hope stands defiantly in the face of certainty. Hope reminds us of other victories and miracles. Hope brings the sudden inspirations. 

Hope doesn’t need to be summoned to our side. It appears on its own, knowing that we are too weak to call to it or to believe in it.

If the darkness seems endless and the future non existent it is not because life and love have abandoned us. It is because our suffering has closed our eyes. Hope comes to open the eyes that do not see, to open the heart that is deemed too broken to function, to hold the hand that feels empty. 

Hope asks for nothing in return except to be grateful because hope knows that being grateful is the sign that our courage has returned.   

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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The Wave

June 19th, 2017

What happened to the wave? 
It was the late nineteen sixties and all we thought about was love. It was in the songs. It was in the art. It was everywhere, man. We knew that love felt good, real good and we knew that hate felt real bad so we focused on love and it was everywhere, man. It was groovy and it was a wave that was washing over the whole world. 

We were on top of that wave, man and we were high. We wanted that wave to wash it all clean. We wanted that wave to change the world. We knew that our wave was love and we knew that there was nothing more powerful than love so we must be riding the most powerful wave in history.

And then… something started to change. We loved everything, man but we found things we didn’t love. We didn’t love people hurting other people. We didn’t love people who hurt the earth. We didn’t love… well, we didn’t love many things and… the wave got smaller. 

​​​​​​​We told ourselves that we were going to take a short break from the wave so we could deal with some of the stuff that we didn’t love and…the wave got even smaller. We agreed that the wise ones loved everything but we couldn’t do that right now. We had to fight some things, man. And… the wave got still smaller.

We started choosing sides on many issues and we wanted to crush the opposition and when we did it felt like we were high, man. Love was cool but winning arguments and fights and hooray for our side was like being on a wave too, right?

Time flew by and we had children and we wanted to show them the wave but all we could find were ripples. Never mind, man. Let me show you some groovy gadgets that we would have loved to have had back in the day.

Back in the day we got some things wrong but we got one thing very right. There is nothing that is more powerful than love. The ripples that are left are because of the wise ones. They are still doing it, man. But it’s time to help them. It’s time to bring more love into our lives. It’s time to spread more love. It’s time to talk about, write about and sing about love again, man. 

It’s not about you and me on our own yoga or meditation mats doing our own thing. It’s about us thinking about love, thinking about what we are for instead of what we are against, thinking about what’s beautiful. Yeah man, that’s it, let’s start thinking more about what’s beautiful. What a wave that would be.   

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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May 22nd, 2017

Newsitis is the crippling disease that affects more and more people every year. They wake up thinking they are feeling good, even grateful for being alive and beauty seems to abound. Unknowingly, they walk out to the kitchen and without a moment’s hesitation their hand reaches for the remote and instantly they are stricken by newsitis. 

Their blood pressure rises, their forehead wrinkles and their eyes squint. The thoughts of gratitude and beauty, so fresh in their minds, are eaten away by every word from the TV. They turn from the TV and fire up their phone and laptop. More of the same! Confirmation of the sad, sad state of the world. 

Memorizing the news articles that are most inline with their cognitive bias, they look forward to spreading their outrage and distaste to anyone who will agree. Newsitis, a terrible affliction. Is there a cure?

Yes! The great saints, masters and enlighten ones have been touting the cure for millenniums. They don’t get much air time but their words can be found by any seeker. Their words are few but the explanation of their words are many. Forget the explanations and just read the few. Many are like this…

There is great love, light and beauty in this world. Focus on these things. 

Stay away from comparisons. You and everyone else are going to be different at different times. 

If you can’t find harmony, create it.

Don’t look back with today’s eyes and experience and judge your past. You didn’t have the ability to see the same signs back then as you do now.

Love everyone. Not for them but for you.

Know the difference between the good passion of creating and the destructive passion of destroying. They both feel alive.

When you get hurt, you can grow from the lesson without holding on to the pain.

Loving yourself means choosing better thoughts.

Never make a bad time worse.

Smile more. Frown less.

Newsitis strikes the unconscious more often than any other group. Don’t catch it and if you catch it don’t spread it. The right thoughts can cure you. Sit still with thoughts of love and betterment until it passes.You are love and love is your immunity.  


Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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May 15th, 2017

“Give, give of your money, give of your time. Give and you will be rewarded” they say but it is unnecessary to work on this because you do give. You have been a very giving person your whole life. You give to many people who have less than you and even to those who have more than you. You give advice. You give prayers and tears and food and clothes. You give and that’s not the problem. 

The problem is that you suck at receiving. You are terrible at it. You can’t even take a compliment without diminishing it with your response. You say you want more so that you can give more but what about you?

They say if you take you are selfish. If you want for yourself you are self centered. If you put yourself first you are narcissistic and ego driven. Bullhockey!

If you are a parent and you sacrifice everything and I mean everything for your children what is the message you give them? “I am not worth it and other people are. When you grow up remember to sacrifice everything because you won’t be worth it either.”

If you are in a relationship and you give, give, give, give, give without receiving what happens? You become bitter and depressed and the other person gets your permission to be selfish and take, take, take.

If you are at work and you give endlessly without compensation what happens? You are expected to give more and more until you finally burn out and are easily replaced.

The time has come for you to practice receiving with open arms. The time has come for you to say “Thank you!” and then shut up when someone compliments you. The time has come for you to tell your children “Excuse me but I need to do something for me”. The time has come to get a new job because since you have been giving 150% every day if you scale back to 100% it’s going to seem like you are goofing off. Get a new job and give in relationship to your compensation.

If you wake up and find that you have been giving in your relationship a whole lot more than you have been getting it’s time to say “Hasta La Vista, Baby” because that person didn’t care enough to know that you had been giving so much and getting back so little and they were selfishly okay with that.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life may be a trite saying but it is also irrefutably true. You are not wrong for wanting more but you are wrong for accepting less. Open your heart, your mind and your soul to accepting all that life is trying to give you. Today is the day that you start unabashedly receiving all the blessings, grace and love you deserve. You can only give what you have and starting today it’s time for you to have more. Open and stay open. 

Remember, you are a very, very good person who is amazing and wonderful and truly deserving of all the blessings life has for you. 


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 Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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May 8th, 2017

There is never a dawn that is darker than the night. Each and every dawn brings light. Sometimes it’s cloudy and heavily overcast but it’s always brighter than the night that preceded it. Sometimes the dawn comes with such clarity and brilliance that it stuns the senses and we stand in awe of such magnificence, warmth and beauty.

There is something else in our life that is just as remarkable as the dawn. It rises when we do and sometimes it is foremost in our thoughts and sometimes it rests quietly in the background.

It is in our life to dispel the darkness just like the dawn does. It shows up without a ritual, a spell or even a wish. It stands ever ready to pull us from the darkness. It is a force that shines through impossibility like the dawn shines through the clouds. It is called by many names in many cultures and we call it Hope.

Hope allows us to look at the darkness and to feel that something will be along soon to make it disappear. Hope is that feeling that disputes what we see, what we are told. Hope is the power that turns our thoughts and imagination to possibilities instead of perceived inevitabilities. Hope is the unseen hand that pulls us from the edge of the abyss. 

When we throw ourselves into the sea of despair, hope is the life jacket we forget we had on. Shun it again and again and hope will still show up. Let reason and logic cast it aside and it will return like the invincible fighter it is. 

When the deepness of the darkness isolates us from finding a way out it is hope that lights the candle. A candle will not illuminate our whole path but it will illuminate the next step and the next step after that. And when those steps lead us to the dawn of a new, better day, hope will again rest quietly in the background, always ready.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

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 Patrick McBride

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What’s Wrong?

May 1st, 2017

We are obsessed with “What’s Wrong?” and it’s ruining our lives. “What’s wrong with my job?”. What’s wrong with my child, my parent, my co-worker, my dishwasher, my resume, my shoes, my etc., etc.,etc.?

We want to be ahead of any failures. We want to head troubles off at the pass. We want to nip things in the bud. In other words, we want to deal with little problems and not big ones. Somehow we believe that if we stay constantly alert to “What’s Wrong?” we will catch that cold before it turns into pneumonia or we will get new tires before we have a flat. And you know what? We are right.

We do catch things early and we do sidestep more ominous problems and we do see signs and portents about our relationships, our job and even our gums. We get so good at this that we decide early on to be even more vigilant, to fish with an even a finer net. Our thinking is that done perfectly, we can catch everything early and big problems will be obsolete.

There are two major difficulties with this thinking. First, every crisis in our life does not give a warning. People and relationships die suddenly. Misfortune comes like a sudden, sunny day thunderstorm. Stuff happens without warning. Secondly, staying constantly on alert and watching for “What’s Wrong?” blinds us completely to “What’s Right?”.

When we no longer focus on “What’s Right?” we miss the triggers and prompts for gratitude. We miss the beauty. We miss the miracles. We miss the extraordinary. We miss those things that start out badly but turn out marvelously. We miss letting some things work out on their own. Pretty soon we stop missing what we are missing and the world, our world, turns an ugly shade of gray.

​​​​​​​We live in a world of amazing people and miraculous events. We also live in a world of terribly acting people and horrific events. This is life and one way or another we are destined to live it all, the good and the bad. Be aware of the bad. Be oh so ever grateful for the good and get a net with bigger holes so that you can just let some things pass right through you. You will soon find that sometimes letting something go is way easier than trying to figure out “What’s Wrong?” with it.

Remember that anytime you need a little boost, a little more light in your world all you have to do is ask yourself “What’s Right?” and you’ll find plenty.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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Inner Help

April 24th, 2017

Have you ever dived into the ocean’s waves or rode the whitewater down a river? It is so much fun until suddenly a strong current upends you or heads you towards the rocks. Fear grips you because of the dire situation but also because at that moment you realize that a force much greater than you is calling the shots. What do you do?

Your mind can’t think fast enough to help you so you instantly rely on some inner part of you to come to your aid. And you know what? It always does. You move or turn or instinctively do the right thing and all is saved.

Now let’s leave the water and go to your regular daily life. All is good. There is some fun to be had. Everything is under your control and then suddenly there is an unexpected loss, a crisis of biblical proportions, an unexpected diagnoses. Fear grips you because of the dire situation but also because at that moment you realize that a force much greater than you is calling the shots. What do you do?

You think and then you think some more. You research how other people coped. You ask friends. You replay mental videos over and over again. And you think some more. And then you think some more. 

Is this what you did when the wave turned you upside down or when the current dragged you in the opposite direction or when you were headed for the rocks? No. You shut off your thinking and let a more powerful, smarter, quicker part of you decide what to do. 

We each have a mind that works hand in hand with our thoughts and memories. It keeps files on everything we have ever experienced and is always ready to produce the files to support what we are thinking about at the moment. But there is a greater part of us. Call it what you will, the higher self, the soul, the spirit, etc. This is the real you. This is the power plant that fuels every other part of you. You can tap into this amazing source anytime you want with practice. What kind of practice?

Practice not distracting yourself when you are alone. Practice serenity by listening and not always talking.  Practice taking momentary breaks from thinking about what you have to do. Practice creating a space for the inner part of you to become familiar to you. Practice meditation. Practice trust in your inner power. Practice being present in this moment.

Remember that your inner self is always immune to fear. Fear is a thing of the mind not of the spirit and the greater part of you is your spirit.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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April 10th, 2017

“Be rich!” they shout. “Own yachts and mansions!” they shout. “It is your destiny!” they shout. But they whisper “You are not enough”. And they whisper “You are weak”. And they whisper “You will always be a follower”.

​​​​​​​You hear the shouts and they don’t resonate with you but your fears hear the whispers and they scare you and you force yourself to believe the shouts just so they can drown out the whispers.

If everyone in this world were monetarily rich, this world would be a tapestry of one color and it would be a world that disappeared very quickly. If all were rich, there would be no garbage collections, no sewer workers, no miners, no ditch diggers. There would be no one to build the mansions or the yachts. Those who sell the lie of being rich are really selling the idea of separation, of privilege, of exclusivity.

But wait…there are other voices that are neither shouting or whispering. They are the soft voices and they say “Be kind. Be thankful. Be love.” They say “Wanting a bit more is fine but also make the best of what you have and be thankful.”

If everyone in this world was kind and grateful and loving, it would be a tapestry of many colors. There would be every job imaginable so that the whole could continue and thrive. Those who are speaking softly of love and gratitude and kindness are selling too. They are selling an idea of togetherness, of community, of contentment.

The hucksters and the charlatans can only feed your fears and leave you feeling incompetent and unfortunate and lees than but nothing could be farther from the truth. And the truth is…

You are not your net worth or your debt or your possessions and you never will be. You are an amazing being capable of enjoying the gift of your own life. You have been given the gift of senses that allow you to feel and taste and hear and see nature and human creations that are priceless. You have been given a life of contrast so that all of life can touch you and feed you. 

You are blessed. You are guided. You are protected. And right now you are exactly where and who you should be. Kindness and gratitude and love resonate with you because that is who you are and when you own who you really are, fear can find no place in you. 

Be a yes in a no world. Be a lighthouse in the fog. Be wonderful and loving in thought and deed. Be gentle with yourself for you are precious and priceless. 

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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April 3rd, 2017

We have all had those times when we, sometimes suddenly, start to feel agitated and angry for no discernible reason. We start finding fault with everything and everyone. Darkness and negativity become the overwhelming victor in a battle that you didn’t even know was taking place.

What can you do? Surrender to the dark onslaught? Cry, whine and complain? Start blaming circumstances? Start blaming people? Become a temporary hermit and cut yourself off from the world?

​​​​​​​While your relationships are in danger of you lashing out and your immune system is weakening from the mood you now find yourself, you want help but none of these possible answers resonate with your spirit because there has always been something inside of you that wanted things to be lighter, to be better. But how?

When you go in to a dark bedroom at night do you carry a big bag to gather up all the darkness so that you can see? Of course not! You turn on a light and the darkness disappears. Is there still darkness under the bed or in the floor of the closet or behind the dresser? Of course there is and if that doesn’t bother you, if you feel comfortable, than don’t do anything but if you want to get rid of every bit of darkness in that room then bring in more light. Make your room look like a sunny day at the beach.

If you find yourself with a mind full of darkness and negativity, do the exact same thing. Bring in the light! There is no greater or brighter light than love. Bring it in! Close your eyes for a moment and bring your attention to your heart area. Imagine that your heart is flooding your mind, body and spirit with love. Feel it. Sense it. Send that love to your butt cheeks, your pinky toe, your ear lobes, to every cell in your body, no exceptions. Do it until you feel a smile come to your face. Do not stop until you smile! Continue for a moment more and then open your eyes and feel the victory. Fist pumps are allowed for you are truly the victor once again. Love always wins. Count on it.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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