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October 9th, 2017

Imagine that you were thirsty and being thirsty you sought out a source of some water. Now imagine that you put your mouth in front of a fire hydrant and turned it on. What would happen? You would probably be choking from the incredible amount of water and able to drink no more than a drop or two. To top it off you would still be thirsty. 

Sound familiar? Probably not. It would be difficult to believe that anyone would try to slake their thirst like this. Yet, you and I do something similar every single day. 

Each day we awaken with a thirst for the news. We seriously want to know what is happening, how it will affect us and how it will affect our investments, our plans, our loved ones. It’s not new. Every morning thousands of years ago the neanderthals would come out of their caves and using the only source they had, their senses, they would try to gather all the information they could in order to survive. Then came troubadours, town criers, newspapers, radio,TV and each source expanded our access to the news. 

Now access has undergone a great change. Now we can receive news from an infinite number of sources. Now we can open our eyes and ears to the fire hydrant of news that is constantly gushing forward. There is fake news, liberal news, conservative news, financial news, weather news, international news, propaganda news, satire news, parody news, government news, surfing news, rock climbing news, skiing news and hundreds more. 

What can we do? Look at any newspaper or magazine. What stands out? The headlines! The headlines serve two purposes. They inform us and they tease us into buying them and finding out more. They are fully aware of our addiction to more. 

Like most things in life we want more but we don’t really need more. We switch to little houses and few possessions but our addiction to more news seems to always be raging. It’s time to drink from the garden hose of news  (I know, you were told not to this but this is a metaphor!) and not the hydrant. How do we do this?

Your greatest aide is a cheap oven timer. Sip the news. Be very choosy when you decide to go past the headlines to more. Set the oven timer when you decide you want some news. Set the timer for time on social media. Set the timer for random searches. Set the timer for videos. Set the timer and make no excuses to ignore it when it rings. This will give you an incredible strengthening of your self discipline and it will leave you much, much more time to live and love.

“I can gather all the news I need on the weather report” -Paul Simon

Sundrops On life – Better thoughts. Better days.

 Patrick McBride

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October 2nd, 2017

If you have been on this earth for more than a decade or two you know that life has a way of taking from us people and things that we hold dear. We know the pain it brings and so we try to prevent it from happening, all to no avail.

We wear our seatbelt, buy insurance, put locks on our doors, take our vitamins, all in a bid to hang on to what we consider pleasant in this life. Doing these things we feel a little better but we know that beyond the shadow of a doubt, anything can change at any moment. So what can we do?

First, face reality. EVERYTHING in existence is temporary. Even that great ball of light we call our sun is, in the grand span of time, temporary. 

Second, understand that EVERYTHING changes while it is in existence. The changes may be so small as to be almost imperceptible or they may be sudden and cataclysmic. 

So if everything is subject to ending and is constantly changing during its existence, how do we deal with this? The answer is… we stop cowering before any fear and we stand up and say “Bring it on! Yep,the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to live this life to the fullest. I know that nothing is going to last forever but in the meantime I am going to enjoy what I can. I will enjoy my pleasures now because they are temporary and I will stand tall during adversities because I know they are temporary too.”

We live smaller lives than we should because we believe that if we don’t stick out, bad things won’t notice us. We use amulets, prayers, rituals and anything else we can think of to ward off suffering and pain as if any of those things were more powerful than the force that created us and directs all of life. 

Hold the pleasant things in your hand like a beautiful ice crystal and enjoy it before it melts. Hold yourself strong against the winds of misfortune and loss knowing that no storm lasts forever. Stay in the moment as much as possible for there is eternity in the moment and Live, just live. 

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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Live, just live

September 28th, 2017

We believe that good health, a great relationship, a job for as long as we want it, being secure, being safe, being trusted and prayers being answered are ours because we are doing what we believe is the right thing but what happens when this turns out to be not the truth? 

Your world is going to be rocked like a ten point earthquake time and time again because you are alive and to be alive means that you are in a process of growing and like a snake shedding a skin he is no longer fitting in you will constantly be shedding old beliefs. You may reject the urge to shed old beliefs but like the snake you will grow more and more uncomfortable until you do. You have felt uncomfortable before haven’t you?

Like everything else in this life, beliefs are temporary. We may believe that our beliefs are carved in stone but that’s just another temporary belief. So what’s a person to do?

The answer is to live, just live. When it rains, don’t debate or curse the drops. Grab an umbrella and live, just live. When life turns dark, see the darkness as a part of life and turn away from it when you are ready and live, just live. When people disappoint you, know that their path is not identical to yours and live, just live. When the world seems to be going wrong remember that the world isn’t just about you and live, just live. When everything is going great and there are rainbows all around and you feel like you are on top of the world…live, just live.

 Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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September 27th, 2017

I just returned from my first trip to Stockholm. (Sorry for not letting you know but thanks for all the “Are you okay? Where’s my Sundrops?” questions.)

In all my worldly travels I have never met a people who were more balanced, positive and healthy. There is a word in Swedish called Lagom. It has many meanings but overall it is translated as “balance” and “just the right amount”. It is indeed a beautiful way of life there. 

The food in Sweden is a delicious experience. Swedes are very, very conscious of their food. Organic, unprocessed, and additive free is the norm. Parents have an amazing 480 days per child maternity leave receiving 80% of their salary. They can share these days any way they like until the child is 8 years old. 

If you promote healthy foods, grown with “Lagom” practices and you have free health, dental and eye care and you can assure moms and dads that they can properly focus on and care for raising their newborn without rushing back to work, you add to the health and stability of each and every family and ultimately the country. Oh yeah, five weeks paid vacation every year for everyone and not having been involved in a war in four hundred and eleven years helps too!

Sweden has given me a many things to think about and I’ll be discussing them with you along with our regular Sundrops over the next few weeks. After this trip I have started to ask myself about how I live my life. Do I have “Lagom” in my day to day living? Do I accept silence in a conversation or do I try to fill each moment with words? Does my posture, like all the swedes I met, reflect a balance of mindfulness and appreciation? Am I as close to nature as I could be? Can I be without judgement of others? 

Thank you Sweden and the Swedish people for a great vacation and for an eye opening look at how good life can be. 

We must never settle for just okay if great is within reach and I believe it always is. We just have to regularly ask our selves “Am I living the best life I am capable of living?”.  If the answer is yes, gratitude should flow from you in abundance. If the answer is I don’t know, it is time for some introspection. If the answer is no, it’s time for a new plan and action. 

​​​​​​​Thank you for being in the Sundrops community. I think there are some big changes coming and I’m glad to be with you.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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Your magic wand

September 11th, 2017

Where’s your magic wand? You know, the one you use to change people into being more like you. The magic wand that makes other people like what you like and dislike what you like. Oh yeah, the magic wand that makes them act like you too. You know, the good manners and all the niceties that you hold so dear. 

Where’s your magic wand, the one that with a simple wave of your hand other people especially the ones you care about see the foolishness of their beliefs and suddenly slap their foreheads and realize that your beliefs were so obviously true and theirs were so obviously wrong?

Where’s your magic wand, the one that makes everyone get along? The one that allows family members and friends to always be on the same page? You know, the magic wand that always ensures peace and harmony among the people you like and the people you love.

Where’s your magic wand? Really, where is it? Go ahead and grab it. I’ll wait. ……Dum dee dum….Doe dee doe…. 

Wait! What! You can’t find it! You never had one! How can this be true? You’ve been wanting to change other people all your life and now you’re saying that you don’t have the means to do that!!!! You have never had the means to do that!!!! 

​​​​​​​Well, I believe you. You really don’t have a magic wand. I guess you know what that means. Yep, you’re going to have to give up trying to make other people believe and act more like you. Your going to have to accept people, yeah that includes family, just as they are. You are going to have to finally give up complaining about people who won’t change. 

Life is tough without a magic wand and yet some people do change without it. The funny thing is, they only change when they want to change. So, wish and pray for things to go according to your plans but always remember that there just might be a better plan already in place. 

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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Five things

August 28th, 2017

There has never been so much to think about and there has never been so many avenues of information instantly available to us. What is very important one minute is easily cast aside for something more important that just showed up in a text, email or newsfeed. What can we do about it?

No one can concentrate on so many things and stay sane but everyone can concentrate on just five things:

1) LOVE -This is it, the golden choice. Focus on love as often as you can all day every day. Ask yourself – “If I were filled with love right now what would I do? What choice would I make?”

2) CLARITY – If you can’t see things clearly, your success in any area will be limited. Ask yourself -“Am I blinded by my emotions or beliefs? Is this how I feel or is it how I was taught to feel?

3) STRENGTH -Never underestimate how much your physical strength influences your mental strength. Ask yourself – “What would feeling stronger do to my self confidence? What can I do every day to get stronger?”

4) WELLNESS – No one feels fine every single day of their lives. Ask yourself – “Are my thoughts, lifestyle and habits a positive or negative? How can I improve on all three?”

5) GRATITUDE – Whining and complaining and grumbling eclipse all the good in our lives. Ask yourself – ” What’s great about my life right now? What is actually working well for me?”

The blaring headlines will try to get you to seek more information on the horrors du jour and the screens will beckon for your undivided, mindless attention and the algorithms will make sure you see more and more funny memes and cute pics but you have the POWER TO CHOOSE. Choose to focus on these five words. They can take you to a world where you are focused, alive and happy. And you know what? You deserve that!

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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August 7th, 2017

How would you feel if I told you that you are amazing? How about if I followed up with you are also beautiful/handsome, perceptive, intelligent, magnificent, strong, funny, loving, wise and incredibly clever?

Maybe you would agree with some but most would be denied and that denial would sweep the agreed upon ones into the “soon forgotten” pile too.

Our problem is not a lack of education, status, money, luck or any other possession or accomplishment. Our problem is that we don’t really know our true nature. Our parents, peers, teachers and leaders were too insecure to tell us of our greatness. How would they control us if we were told we were greater than they perceived themselves to be?

We were admonished not to be prideful. Those who had thought highly of themselves but had failed at some task were gleefully paraded in front of us as prime examples of thinking too highly of one’s self. 

As children, lacking the physicality and strength of adults, we were constantly reminded of our inferiority, a temporary condition that should have been extinguished by growing older but the early conditioning kept us still feeling inferior even as adults.

In a few short written words I cannot hope to undo the years of negative conditioning that you have been subjected to but maybe, just maybe, these few words will be as seeds, seeds that start to grow and soon become the dominant strain edging out all others.

Tend to the garden of your spirit. Do not try to get rid of all the negativity. Frequently flood yourself with words and thoughts of things that feel better. For just a few moments each day imagine that your greatness is the truth and soon you will feel the powerful force that lives within you agreeing with you.

People seek God outside of themselves and should they find it in another person or pet or book or scenic panorama, they still refuse to see its twin inside of themselves BUT if they would, even for a moment, accept the possibility of their true greatness, they would sprout the seeds of untold happiness.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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Two things

July 24th, 2017

Two things we need to know:

1) Life is not fair. 2) We are not in control.

We see an adorable picture of a baby snow lion and we are happy. We watch her mother kill a baby goat to feed her and we are sad. The killing is very fair for the snow lion but very unfair to the goat’s parents. A fire races through the forest and displaces the homes of many creatures. The burned off undergrowth allows seeds, no longer blocked from the sunshine to grow, feeding other creatures. Fair or Unfair? 

Everything that happens and I mean EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS has some benefit somewhere but we are so narrowly focused on our life and our plans and our blueprint for our life that anything contrary to that becomes a source of depressing or angry negativity. Why?

It is because in reality we are not in control, never were never will be. We usually find some kind of ambiguous teaching that covers our hurts with some kind of sweetness or promises and we cling to it like a drowning sailor clinging to a styrofoam ice chest. 

Okay, so our plans won’t always work out. We will be visited often by the unfairness of life and we are not in control of any of this. What are we supposed to do???

1)We are to accept the reality of each moment. Whatever is happening in this moment is reality. To wish the reality of the moment was different is to believe in a mental fairytale. That fairytale offers us a ridiculous, temporary respite and leaves us powerless to deal with what is truly happening.

2) Once we accept that we are not in control (if not -try changing the weather or your kidney function) we must ask the question -who is? The answer is that there is something that is so much greater than us that it defies naming or understanding. If fact once we name it or say we understand it, we have gained nothing except a bigger ego.

1) Life is unfair only because we can’t see all of it and if we can’t see all of it, we can’t understand any of it.

2) Something beyond our understanding is in control and all we can do is to have gratitude for what feels good and to not give up when it feels not so good.

You can do it.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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July 5th, 2017

Imagine that you are looking down at a canoe or kayak that was custom made especially for you. You step down into it and it fits you perfectly. You push off into the current and you notice that the workmanship is perfect. The material is perfect. The shape is perfect. It is capable of anything.

You see something interesting over to your left and decide to check it out. You look around inside your perfect craft and freak out! There are no paddles!!!! You are at the mercy of the current. Is that the sound of a waterfall up ahead???

Take a breath. 

Many of us feel like we have no control over where life is taking us. We are in life’s current and it’s taking us to places and situations without our consent.We feel helpless and we are always in fear of the waterfall we imagine lies ahead. We are not living. We are just holding on.

Take a breath.

If we were to step out of our craft we would soon see that all of our fears are unfounded. The current that we thought was all controlling is merely waist deep. All we have to do is step out and look at the situation.

Take a breath.

When we go into our mind looking for answers and see none we freak out and imagine all the worst. Sometimes we just need to step out of our thoughts to realize that our problems are only waist deep. Paddles? They were always there but they were hanging on the outside of the craft and we couldn’t see them until we got out for a moment.

All it takes is a pause. The fear evaporates. The control comes back to us and the journey continues. It all starts when consciously we…

Take a breath.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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June 26th, 2017

Where is hope? Does it shine like a star in the dark night sky just waiting for us to fix our gaze upon it? Is it the precious diamond hidden deep within the earth that is only uncovered by digging deeply in the dark? Is it the elusive firefly that sparkles briefly here and then there?

Hope is in the dark night sky and in the dark earth and in the evening dusk. Hope is everywhere. It is in the bannister we reach for when we stumble on the stairs. It is in the pill that promises relief. It is in the hug that says we are not alone.

Hope is invisible and yet we have all felt it. We have felt the gentle push helping us to take another step. We have felt the cool breeze that dries our tear soaked cheeks. We have felt the surprising arrival of an uplifting memory that made us smile when we thought we could never smile again.

Hope stands defiantly in the face of certainty. Hope reminds us of other victories and miracles. Hope brings the sudden inspirations. 

Hope doesn’t need to be summoned to our side. It appears on its own, knowing that we are too weak to call to it or to believe in it.

If the darkness seems endless and the future non existent it is not because life and love have abandoned us. It is because our suffering has closed our eyes. Hope comes to open the eyes that do not see, to open the heart that is deemed too broken to function, to hold the hand that feels empty. 

Hope asks for nothing in return except to be grateful because hope knows that being grateful is the sign that our courage has returned.   

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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