Sundrops On Life

I have always loved quotes. They say so much in just a few words. For several years, I wrote a simple uplifting newsletter that went out to a few people. Included on every back page were several quotes from well known persons. One day, short of quotes and too lazy to look up more, two profound thoughts came to me. I included them in the newsletter with no attribution. Those two thoughts generated so much interest that I soon started to include more of these thoughts as they came to me. Soon the weekly newsletter was replaced by a daily posting of three “Sundrops”. Every weekday morning for more than twelve years now I sit down, quiet myself, and after some meditation and a prayer that I may positively affect at least one person, I compose three uplifting thoughts. The daily Sundrops On Life, by the grace of God, touch the lives of thousands of people around the globe, and I am sure they will uplift you too.

Sundrops on Life Volume 1 (A Book of Good Thoughts) and Volume 2 (Worry Faith Wisdom) are collections of some of the best of these daily Sundrops, and span the themes of worry, hope, health, love, anger, children and more. They are wonderful reminders when you need a pickup, mood adjustment or just some words to soothe your soul. Highly recommended! Books purchased on this website can be autographed. You may also download the Ebook or purchase the books on or Order yours now.