Thank You

November 24th, 2014

Where are your Thanks? Where are the Thank You’s for all that you have done? Where is the recognition for all your sacrifices? Where are the accolades for all the times you put others needs ahead of your own?

Firstly, let’s be honest. All the times you have sacrificed, gone without, given of yourself, you did it because you didn’t have a choice. Your heart convinced you that it was the right thing to do and you acted upon that. You knew that giving of yourself was the only option and it most cases nobody else could have done it better. You gave because you cared.

Secondly, you are a lover. That is, you hold love as the most important thing in this world and you realize that if you don’t give of yourself, the world becomes a little less loving and that’s not a world you want to create if you can help it.

​ Thirdly, you’re a good person, a very good person. You feel for the suffering of others. I mean you really, really feel for the suffering of others, people, pets, wild creatures, etc. Oh, you might be the toughest, hardest case around but inside you love, you care, you want to alleviate suffering and increase happiness in others.

Where’s your Thanks? It’s in the way someone raises their children because of you. It’s the dog or cat that gets rescued because of your example. It’s the second chance that someone gives because you gave them one. It’s in the child who becomes a parent and suddenly understands the choices you made. It’s the kindness shown to a stranger because they were a stranger to you when you helped.

If you’ve been waiting for a Thank You for all you have done, here it is. THANK YOU for everything. THANK YOU for the kind words, the money, your presence, your touch. THANK YOU for making our world a little brighter, a little funnier, a lot more loving. Thank you for your sacrifices. They made a difference then and they will continue to for a very long time. THANK YOU.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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The force

November 17th, 2014

We all have an Achilles ankle. We all have some Kryptonite that shows up every now and then and takes away our super powers. We all can be hurt. We all can be overwhelmed with sadness, anxiety and pain.

Knowing that everyone is in the same position doesn’t make it one iota easier to handle when we feel bad. If we live long enough we find out that we can’t sidestep every single upset. We are going to get walloped every now and then in this life. What can we do? Just grin and bear it? NO!

There is a force within us, every single one of us, no exceptions, that is powerful beyond belief. Being in touch with this force is the key to life. This is the force that takes over when a crisis happens and we suddenly act faster than we can think. This is the force that holds our tongue or allows it to speak the perfect words. This is the force that whispers through our tears that yes, we can survive. This is the force that brings us to prayer or meditation or chanting when they weren’t options we were considering. This is the force that comforts us when no one is around.

That force is inside of each and every one of us and life’s greatest journey is the one that takes us to that realization. You are more powerful than you can ever imagine. A Ferrari is a powerful car but if we were not aware that it had more than its first gear we would be disappointed. Don’t be disappointed with life or with what life is bringing to you. Shift higher. Shift to more power. Shift to thoughts of of greater possibilities. Shift to a better attitude.

You understood the power of being an adult when you were young. Seize that power now. See the possibilities of a fresh, new beginning. Use the force within you to change your perspective. The force isn’t an addition to you. It is you.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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November 10th, 2014

What is important to you today? You know precisely what is important in your life and you could easily recite a list of those things that are most important to you. Family, God, character, the list is individual and extensive. These are the things that are your foundation, near and dear to your heart. They are essentially who you are.

​ But what is important to you today? Are your most important items important today? Or is the news, the amount you slept, who did what to who, getting through another week, chores, to do lists, are these what is important today?

Every moment of every day you can focus on your highest thoughts or your lowest. You can focus on your blessings, your gratitude for all that has sustained you through good times and bad or you can focus on the mundane, the transitory.

When you put your head on your pillow tonight, the choices you made this day will become quite clear. You will rest with a mind that is at ease and a smile on your lips or you will let the trivialities that you focused on this day pester you all night.

Let whatever is important to you be important not just in moments of reflection but in every conscious moment. Let those things that define your life be the focus of your life. Live for that which elevates you and you truly live. You will never regret choosing a better thought.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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November 3rd, 2014

Umhmm, enhnnn, grunt. This is not just random gibberish. These are the sounds of the death of a relationship. These are what Oh yes, No thanks, That sounds good, used to sound like before you started taking the other person for granted.

Believing that your relationship requires so little to keep it going, you may come to a time in your relationship when you think that a mere grunt will suffice for communication. Would you even be in this relationship if you communicated the way you do now when the relationship was beginning? Of course not.

We are not just talking about significant others here. We are talking about everyone you interact with in any way. Isn’t a child worthy of a word instead of a grunt? Isn’t a friend worthy of your vocabulary? Isn’t a stranger owed a complete sentence?

​ We hear all the time about being present, about being loving, about caring. All of these things are born of communication. You know how to communicate. You are blessed with language and understanding. Are you hiding these talents under a bushel basket?

The day will come for each and every one of us when no more words will come from our lips. Between now and then when we have the chance, let us use the beautiful words that we have learned. Let us echo the love we have in our hearts with the words that come out of our mouths. Let the people in our life, especially the ones we love, know that we will take the time to express our answers in a loving and present way without exception. Let your words repeatedly confirm that you will never take them for granted.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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