Inner Help

April 24th, 2017

Have you ever dived into the ocean’s waves or rode the whitewater down a river? It is so much fun until suddenly a strong current upends you or heads you towards the rocks. Fear grips you because of the dire situation but also because at that moment you realize that a force much greater than you is calling the shots. What do you do?

Your mind can’t think fast enough to help you so you instantly rely on some inner part of you to come to your aid. And you know what? It always does. You move or turn or instinctively do the right thing and all is saved.

Now let’s leave the water and go to your regular daily life. All is good. There is some fun to be had. Everything is under your control and then suddenly there is an unexpected loss, a crisis of biblical proportions, an unexpected diagnoses. Fear grips you because of the dire situation but also because at that moment you realize that a force much greater than you is calling the shots. What do you do?

You think and then you think some more. You research how other people coped. You ask friends. You replay mental videos over and over again. And you think some more. And then you think some more. 

Is this what you did when the wave turned you upside down or when the current dragged you in the opposite direction or when you were headed for the rocks? No. You shut off your thinking and let a more powerful, smarter, quicker part of you decide what to do. 

We each have a mind that works hand in hand with our thoughts and memories. It keeps files on everything we have ever experienced and is always ready to produce the files to support what we are thinking about at the moment. But there is a greater part of us. Call it what you will, the higher self, the soul, the spirit, etc. This is the real you. This is the power plant that fuels every other part of you. You can tap into this amazing source anytime you want with practice. What kind of practice?

Practice not distracting yourself when you are alone. Practice serenity by listening and not always talking.  Practice taking momentary breaks from thinking about what you have to do. Practice creating a space for the inner part of you to become familiar to you. Practice meditation. Practice trust in your inner power. Practice being present in this moment.

Remember that your inner self is always immune to fear. Fear is a thing of the mind not of the spirit and the greater part of you is your spirit.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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April 10th, 2017

“Be rich!” they shout. “Own yachts and mansions!” they shout. “It is your destiny!” they shout. But they whisper “You are not enough”. And they whisper “You are weak”. And they whisper “You will always be a follower”.

​​​​​​​You hear the shouts and they don’t resonate with you but your fears hear the whispers and they scare you and you force yourself to believe the shouts just so they can drown out the whispers.

If everyone in this world were monetarily rich, this world would be a tapestry of one color and it would be a world that disappeared very quickly. If all were rich, there would be no garbage collections, no sewer workers, no miners, no ditch diggers. There would be no one to build the mansions or the yachts. Those who sell the lie of being rich are really selling the idea of separation, of privilege, of exclusivity.

But wait…there are other voices that are neither shouting or whispering. They are the soft voices and they say “Be kind. Be thankful. Be love.” They say “Wanting a bit more is fine but also make the best of what you have and be thankful.”

If everyone in this world was kind and grateful and loving, it would be a tapestry of many colors. There would be every job imaginable so that the whole could continue and thrive. Those who are speaking softly of love and gratitude and kindness are selling too. They are selling an idea of togetherness, of community, of contentment.

The hucksters and the charlatans can only feed your fears and leave you feeling incompetent and unfortunate and lees than but nothing could be farther from the truth. And the truth is…

You are not your net worth or your debt or your possessions and you never will be. You are an amazing being capable of enjoying the gift of your own life. You have been given the gift of senses that allow you to feel and taste and hear and see nature and human creations that are priceless. You have been given a life of contrast so that all of life can touch you and feed you. 

You are blessed. You are guided. You are protected. And right now you are exactly where and who you should be. Kindness and gratitude and love resonate with you because that is who you are and when you own who you really are, fear can find no place in you. 

Be a yes in a no world. Be a lighthouse in the fog. Be wonderful and loving in thought and deed. Be gentle with yourself for you are precious and priceless. 

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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April 3rd, 2017

We have all had those times when we, sometimes suddenly, start to feel agitated and angry for no discernible reason. We start finding fault with everything and everyone. Darkness and negativity become the overwhelming victor in a battle that you didn’t even know was taking place.

What can you do? Surrender to the dark onslaught? Cry, whine and complain? Start blaming circumstances? Start blaming people? Become a temporary hermit and cut yourself off from the world?

​​​​​​​While your relationships are in danger of you lashing out and your immune system is weakening from the mood you now find yourself, you want help but none of these possible answers resonate with your spirit because there has always been something inside of you that wanted things to be lighter, to be better. But how?

When you go in to a dark bedroom at night do you carry a big bag to gather up all the darkness so that you can see? Of course not! You turn on a light and the darkness disappears. Is there still darkness under the bed or in the floor of the closet or behind the dresser? Of course there is and if that doesn’t bother you, if you feel comfortable, than don’t do anything but if you want to get rid of every bit of darkness in that room then bring in more light. Make your room look like a sunny day at the beach.

If you find yourself with a mind full of darkness and negativity, do the exact same thing. Bring in the light! There is no greater or brighter light than love. Bring it in! Close your eyes for a moment and bring your attention to your heart area. Imagine that your heart is flooding your mind, body and spirit with love. Feel it. Sense it. Send that love to your butt cheeks, your pinky toe, your ear lobes, to every cell in your body, no exceptions. Do it until you feel a smile come to your face. Do not stop until you smile! Continue for a moment more and then open your eyes and feel the victory. Fist pumps are allowed for you are truly the victor once again. Love always wins. Count on it.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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