Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2010

Every good day starts with an uplifting thought and the first days of the New Year are great ones to influence. The Sundrops On Life books can really help. Give them to someone who matters to you. Maybe you! Order at www.PatrickInspires.com.
Tonight at midnight a door to change will open because so many believe that it will. With so many believing that this is the moment to begin anew, to caste aside old habits, to change the direction of their lives, to pursue their dreams that it makes this moment absolutely magical. The only question you have to ask yourself is “Am I courageous enough to walk through that door of change tonight and close it behind me and start moving towards my dreams?”.
Use tonight’s energy to kick start your dreams. Use it to wash away the haze of indecision that has surrounded you. Use it to light up the path to where you want to go. Your future really starts now and right now you are being asked to set the course for the rest of your life. This midnight is an great opportunity but opportunity without commitment and action is a boat tied to the dock. Do you go below decks and put it off again or do you put up all of your sails and instead of being afraid of change, you let the winds of change fill them and cast off?
It’s going to be uncomfortable at times but never look back. Set your sights on your dreams and sail on! Will you make it? Maybe. Will you have really lived? Definitely!
Happy New Year and may this be the best one so far. Love and Blessings, Patrick
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December 27th, 2010

Every good day starts with an uplifting thought and the first days of the New Year are great ones to influence. The Sundrops On Life books can really help. Give them to someone who matters to you. Maybe you! Order at www.PatrickInspires.com.
Here we are, the last few days before the New Year and the beginning of all of our most desired changes. So, do we just sit out this week like a second string player waiting to get into the game? Do we take the Sooner approach and just start right now? Do we use this week to do in excess all of the things we will promise never to do again after New Year’s Eve? Or (D) NONE OF THE ABOVE? The most productive answer is the last one. The best chance that you have for success this weekend and in every day of your life is to focus on preparation. Success most easily comes to those who do neither too much planning nor too little. Too much planning and all you become good at is planning. Too little planning and we are deer in the headlights, completely shocked at what just appeared. Preparation can help with opening ourselves to the very real possibility that something is going to change either with or without our consent.
Change is always upon us and none of us can prepare for every conceivable outcome. We can however prepare to be strong enough to ACCEPT change. We can learn to not be bullied by change.We can drop our resistance to change. Once we drop our resistance to change, change is just something to be dealt with and not hid from because it loses it’s monster status. This week the best use of our time is to work on being open to change. Don’t do it by playing “What if?”. Do it by playing “I can handle anything!”. The biggest surprise? You really can. Happy New Year and Thank You.

(c)2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride www.PatrickInspires.com


Act in harmony

December 21st, 2010

There is no place where harmony is more important than in that place between who we think we are and how we actually act. Many times we think that we are fair and just but in actuality we act as if there was one set of rules for us and another set for everyone else. It’s okay for us to make that turn as the light turns red but we want everyone else ticketed on the spot. We don’t want anyone else raising their voice in anger but when we get angry, it is somehow different. We say we want to be totally independent but quickly blame others for not being there for us. We tell others (especially children) how to live their life in order to be happy and then do the opposite in our own lives.
With the beginning of a new year soon upon us it is important that we bring our thoughts and our actions into harmony. It is not that difficult.  It is all about honesty. We must watch our actions and be totally honest as to whether they are in harmony with who we think we are. If we say we love someone, we need to watch and make sure that our actions with that person are all about love.  Is sarcasm or humor taking the place of honest communication? We don’t have to work on loving the world. It is enough to work on loving the people that we say we love. In fact it is the finest place to begin. If we thoroughly love those who we say we love, we are well on our way to loving the world. Love those you love. Tell them. Show them. Let them feel it from across the room. Make sure the people you love know that you love them. Love actively. Love unconditionally. Love like your happiness depends upon it because….it does!
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Too Busy?

December 13th, 2010

We have made “BUSY” our religion. If we embrace busy, if we become one with busy, if we forget and forgo everything but “BUSY” we shall be saved. If we stay busy, no one will ever fault us. If we stay busy, we will not be fired or demoted or divorced. We will never be referred to as , shudder… lazy. If we stay extra, extra busy we will be seen as a superhero just like those others who supposedly do it all! If we stay busy, we will never have time for reflection or our own well being and everyone will understand. If we stay really busy we will have a great excuse for not doing everything that we don’t want to do. If we stay busy we…Whoa Nellie! We are going too fast to nowhere.
Sorry, but it’s not about busy. Not at all. It’s strictly about results. It’s about consciousness. It’s about stopping to smell the roses. You don’t have to do it all. You just have to do what matters most. You have to grow the courage to say no. That takes time and discipline. You have to see multitasking as a total disregard for the importance of any one thing. You have to see your acceptance of more and more work as the slavery that it is. You are not a slave! You don’t have to get all Spartacus with everyone but you do have to set limits on your time and your work. You are here to enjoy life and love and ice cream and Heaven and dogs and cats and birds and babies and tea and cookies and beds. Ask yourself often, are my results of what I want out of life commensurate with the amount of busyness I am involved with? The saddest eulogy a person could have is “He or She was too busy for what was really important.”. Busy or beaming? Your choice.


How close to happy?

December 6th, 2010

How close are you to happy? Some of us will nod and say pretty close. Some of us will laugh because it’s like asking how close we are to the tooth fairy. Some of us will feel wistful for a moment because it has been a while. No matter what group you identify with, you can get much closer to happy. In fact, in just one more moment you can reorient yourself in the direction of happiness. As soon as you finish reading this message, instead of jumping to the next e-mail, stop for just a moment and bring to mind a personal happiness. A personal happiness is a happy that you felt, that you experienced, that made you feel so amazingly happy that just the thought of it sends those tingling sensations through your whole body when you recall it. The moment you recall that personal happiness you have laid a foundation of happiness right here right now and upon that foundation you can build the rest of your life. That foundation will only allow thoughts of a simi lar nature to build upon it. The great part is that it will only attract those thoughts and none others. What is asked of you is that for a while you bring no other contrary thoughts to mind. It’s a bit of work but hey, you’re building the rest of your life here. Write a little cryptic note and post it where you can see it. Let that note remind you and no one else of that happy moment. Refer to it often and build, build, build. Remember, you have to be happy to get more of it. Okay this is the end of the message. Stop for just a moment now and think about that personal happiness. Right here right now, happiness is within reach. Grab it!

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