Too Busy?

We have made “BUSY” our religion. If we embrace busy, if we become one with busy, if we forget and forgo everything but “BUSY” we shall be saved. If we stay busy, no one will ever fault us. If we stay busy, we will not be fired or demoted or divorced. We will never be referred to as , shudder… lazy. If we stay extra, extra busy we will be seen as a superhero just like those others who supposedly do it all! If we stay busy, we will never have time for reflection or our own well being and everyone will understand. If we stay really busy we will have a great excuse for not doing everything that we don’t want to do. If we stay busy we…Whoa Nellie! We are going too fast to nowhere.
Sorry, but it’s not about busy. Not at all. It’s strictly about results. It’s about consciousness. It’s about stopping to smell the roses. You don’t have to do it all. You just have to do what matters most. You have to grow the courage to say no. That takes time and discipline. You have to see multitasking as a total disregard for the importance of any one thing. You have to see your acceptance of more and more work as the slavery that it is. You are not a slave! You don’t have to get all Spartacus with everyone but you do have to set limits on your time and your work. You are here to enjoy life and love and ice cream and Heaven and dogs and cats and birds and babies and tea and cookies and beds. Ask yourself often, are my results of what I want out of life commensurate with the amount of busyness I am involved with? The saddest eulogy a person could have is “He or She was too busy for what was really important.”. Busy or beaming? Your choice.


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