A Week Off

October 25th, 2010

We constantly work on our fears and our faults and well we should but how about taking a week off? How about this week we work on our gifts and blessings? How about this week instead of walking around ourselves watching for some infraction of the rules of spiritual and physical and emotional and financial growth, we take a break? For this week let’s turn it around. Let’s focus on what we are doing right. Let’s focus on our successes in any area of our life at any time of our life. Let’s focus on when we made a difference. Let’s focus on the fact that we made it this far. Let’s focus on our gifts of seeing and hearing and speaking and being able to choose our thoughts. Let’s focus on all we have learned about love. Sure there’s more to learn and more to change but let’s leave that until next week. Let’s spend this week being good to ourselves. Let’s think about what would give us a great deal of pleasure this week and actually do it!! How about for this week we become our own best friend? How about we put down the whip and pick up the ice cream cone? You say you don’t deserve it? Can’t afford it? I say don’t listen to that man behind the curtain. You have plenty of time to make up for taking a week off and if it turns out that you don’t have that much time left, you’ll be glad you took a happy week off. Go for it! It just might make the difference you have been looking for. Have a happy week. It starts right now!

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride www.PatrickInspires.com



October 18th, 2010

When we think about an arrow speeding towards the target, we imagine just a straight line of acceleration. What we fail to see is that before that arrow took flight it had to go backwards in the archer’s bow. It had to go backwards, building up the tremendous force it needed to carry it all the way to the target. Sometimes our lives feel like they are going backwards. “Oh no, I’m in debt again” “Oh no, this person is just like that other person” “Oh no, I’ve gained weight again” “Oh no, another crisis”. If you dispense with all the worry and fear and drama, you will understand that this is exactly what is necessary to propel you towards your target and it is a sure sign that you are ready to fly. Whatever is happening in your life, know that the Archer wants you to go forward. If it appears that you are under pressure and going backwards, rejoice! It means that it’s just about launch time.

Calm yourself down, be positive and tell the Archer that you are ready and you will soon be going towards your target faster than you can imagine.


Stop Listening

October 11th, 2010

The easiest steps to feeling better begin with taking a quick inventory. 1) How do I feel right now? 2) What is the dominant theme of my thoughts so far today? 3) Is the way I am feeling right now adding to or subtracting from my happiness? 4) Am I willing to change?
We all want to be happy. Yes, even a grouch wants to be happy. The problem is that as soon as we start feeling unhappy, no matter what the reason, we start thinking unhappy thoughts. When we think unhappy thoughts, our mind starts producing an endless number of them. It actually thinks it is helping us by giving us plenty of reinforcements to what we are focused on. If we keep listening to these thoughts we will continue to feel worse and that will generate more thoughts and,well, you get the picture.
The way back to happiness starts when you begin TALKING to yourself in an upbeat way with love and caring. You must stop LISTENING to the voice that has been generated by the unhappy thoughts . You have to become your own cheerleader. You have to be to yourself the great advice giver you are to everyone else. You have to keep talking to yourself in an upbeat way until the tsunami of negative thoughts starts to subside. Then your mind will make the switch and start giving you thoughts to reinforce your new state of mind and Voila! happiness is yours to behold and enjoy once again. Go ahead, give it a try. It’s worth it and so are you.