The Play

January 30th, 2017

You go to the theater, get a good seat and wait to be entertained.The movie starts and five minutes into the movie Superman and his arch enemy Lex Luther confront each other and Lex turns to Superman and says;
“How do you like playing the part of Superman?” and Superman turns to Lex and says;

“Not bad really. I thought I would develop this part a little differently but the director said to do it like this and so I’m warming up to the idea that it’s okay.Oh, by the way, how are your kids doing in the new school?”

You sit bolt upright in your theater seat staring incredulously at the screen. You look around to see if everyone else in the theater is as outraged as you. You turn to the person next to you and say; “What is going on? I didn’t pay to see two actors talking reality to each other. I want them to act. Not to be themselves! This is not entertaining!”

If you don’t like this scenario then you are going to love living on planet earth. It’s a place where everyone is playing a part. Of course everyone is the same on the inside but on the outside OMG! What a diversity of characters. 

Of course most people here are so good that they get totally into their parts and seem to actually become their part. After all, “the mask the actor wears soon becomes the actor” is an old maxim and it is very true on this planet. 

It all starts when we are born here and at first we smile quite a bit because we know who we are and we know the truth about everyone else too. Slowly we are taught to identify with our name and our family and our neighborhood, our school, our city, our state, our country, our religion or lack thereof, our socioeconomic level and a host of other features. So we start becoming our mask and not ourselves.

​​​​​​​We never feel quite perfect about who we are but we are sure who other people are. We judge them and ourselves. We try to add more to ourselves as if something was missing as if we would soon become whole if we found the missing pieces. Many of us never understanding that we need less and not more to feel complete. 

 The truth is that we are whole. We are complete. We are eternal. We have passed our audition and come to play a part in the greatest play in the universe. We have a great Director who knows how this develops and how we contribute to it all. We really don’t have to know it all. We just have to concentrate on our part by listening for direction. 

The secret to enjoying all of this is that every now and then when the day is done, we need to relax, let go, remember who we are and smile. We need to step back and watch the play with seven billion cast members and appreciate the Director and have gratitude for our good fortune to be picked to be in this crazy, funny, touching, heartwarming, action packed blockbuster. And above all else we need to always remember…it’s a love story.

Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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January 2nd, 2017

We want to change our life in 2017 but we don’t want any of the negative stuff to interfere. We don’t want sickness, loss or unhappiness. We want serenity and harmony and love. Yea, lots of love. Oh yea and good health too. Ooh, ooh, ooh, and a great body too. Did I mention money too?

In other words we want what we always want. So how do we make this year different? How do we get what we want? The answer is …we stop running. I don’t mean we give up the elliptical trainer and the 5Ks. We give up running from things we don’t want. 

Without looking into a crystal ball I can clearly see that in 2017 you will be touched by loss and sickness and disruption. Why? Is it because your stars aren’t aligned properly or you didn’t meditate or pray enough. No! It is because you are alive and you are living an earthly life and EVERY earthly life contains loss, sickness and disruption. 

When we even consider a thought of ourself or a loved one being sick, dying or having great difficulties, we run away from that thought as quickly as possible. And when we run away often enough we soon find ourselves lost.

I’m not going to wish you great peace and health and happiness in 2017 even though I want these things for you. Instead I am going to wish differently for you this year. 

This year I wish for you to be strong, stronger than you have ever been. I wish that you have the strength in 2017 to stand face to face with loss, sickness and disruption in yourself or those you love and say “I’m not running away any more! I am accepting life, ALL OF IT! I am in charge of only my thoughts and nothing else and my thoughts will always reflect my commitment to love and live without boundaries or blinders.”

“I shall refuse to label something unfair or negative or hopeless. I shall label it all as …life. I am on a path whose direction and destination are well known to my spirit and I shall fear no obstacle in my path.”

Yes, in 2017 I wish for you to be that strong because I love you.


Sundrops On Life -Better Thoughts. Better Days.

 Patrick McBride

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