Let’s get uncomfortable!

March 28th, 2011

You’re tired. You’ve been tired for way too long and you know it’s negatively affecting you. Giving up or going on like this is unacceptable so what do you do? How do you make a change?

All solutions require change. The trouble is that when we want something in our lives to change, we want one or two parts to change but we want everything else to remain just like it is, thank you very much. If there is change that affects what we don’t want changed, we give up on the whole shebang even though we know it is necessary. “Don’t make me uncomfortable while I’m changing” we pray. That prayer is never answered the way we want it to be. God knows better.

CHANGE IS UNCOMFORTABLE! You have to feel hungry sometimes if you’re going to lose weight. You have to feel and not give in to cravings if you are going to beat an addiction. You have to work real hard and study for more than ten days if you want to learn a new language. You have to take a chance on being terribly uncomfortable if you are going to start exercising, to ask for a raise, to tell a toxic person to get lost, to stand up against abuse, to divorce, to give up a life that seems secure to go for your dream, to ask for what is rightfully yours, to do what you know is right for you. In other words, if you want it to happen, you gotta rise above feeling bad and just go for it.

So how do you get more sleep? You make changes. You start by understanding that it may make you or someone else uncomfortable but it has to change. You deserve to feel better. You deserve to sleep better. Write out on a piece of paper why you are not sleeping and write down as many possible reasons as you can. Start coming up with solutions. It doesn’t matter how far fetched they may seem, it starts the ideas flowing and the more they flow the quicker one that suites you will come along. No, aliens are not going to come down and quiet your house or watch your children (Angels might!)or someone that you are care-taking or stop someone from snoring or drinking but write everything down anyway. If your thoughts are keeping you awake, learn to meditate, learn to control that jabber box. Learn to ask for help as uncomfortable as that may seem.

There are solutions ONLY if you are open to change and the uncomfortableness that comes with it. Be courageous. Be okay with everything changing instead of just that one thing. Know that you weren’t created to suffer. A better life is just an uncomfortable adjustment away. Go for it!
(c)2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride www.PatrickInspires.com


Let Spring Inspire You

March 21st, 2011

If you are sitting in the middle of a toxic dump, I don’t care if you are meditating and eating organic and drinking 8 to 10 glasses of pure water every day, you are going to be very negatively affected by your surroundings. If we found ourselves in such a place our top priority would be to get out of there as quickly as we could by whatever means possible. How is it then that we voluntarily allow ourselves to be in the company of toxic people? How is it then that we surround ourselves with every bit of bad news from the local to the international level.

We know more about atrocities committed thousands of miles away than we know about who needs a helping hand within five blocks of us. We have to change. We have run so far away from the word selfish that we have forgotten how to take care of ourselves. We must start working on ourselves. It’s not about pounds and Pilates, it’s about self respect and self love. Who are we going to teach or what are we going to teach if we don’t live our beliefs? We believe in love and joy and happiness but are we living it? Are we projecting it?

Get rid of the toxic people in your life. Start living like you want to live. Live your beliefs. Stop being unkind to yourself. Stop putting yourself last. Open your self to receiving. Ask for help. Stop being afraid of what someone else might think. It is the first day of spring and we need to start blooming!

(c)2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride www.PatrickInspires.com


Change the Channel!

March 7th, 2011

Are you watching a dream or watching a nightmare? When there is something in our past that causes us hurt or regret to remember it, we have a tendency to replay it over and over again. Every one of us does this but just because it is a popular way to act doesn’t mean that it is the best way.

Paying attention to our past mistakes is like watching a documentary on a disaster over and over again. What is on TV can’t harm us but by paying attention to what is happening on the screen we generate the same strong feelings and emotions as if it were indeed happening in the present. What can we do? It really happened. There’s no denying that, right? Right but we can CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!! We can watch what we want. That is the very essence of free will.

When a nightmare pops up, change the channel to your dreams. Your dreams are what comes up when you ask yourself certain questions. What gives me joy that I would like more of in the future? What do I want to be able to give and do in the future? Where do I want to go? Who do I want to be with? How free do I want to be?

The Creator gave you an amazing mind and a remote control. Don’t spend time watching what went wrong. It’s not going to change and you are not going to get any more lessons out of it then you’ve already got. Watch your dreams. Watch your hopes. Watch your plans. Watch your fantasies. Watch what makes you feel good. It will change your life. Popcorn is optional.

(c)2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride www.PatrickInspires.com