August 24th, 2015

 WHAT is around you has a profound affect on how you feel and how you act. Even more important is the WHO around you. In other words, the people around you either feed you or starve you.
 It doesn’t matter if the people are family or long time friends or they saved your life. If they are constant complainers and whiners. If they are always taking advantage of you. If they treat you poorly. If they take, take, take and never give. If they put you down. If they suck all of your energy. If they don’t value you. If they belittle you in any way. They are toxic to you and they have no place in your life.
 The very first step in learning to love yourself is getting rid of those people who make you feel bad. You have a life which is a precious, beautiful blessing. To live that life to the fullest you must have the courage to change what can be changed. There are billions of people out there. All you meet will affect you in some way. Whether you allow them into your life or not is your choice not theirs.

 Honor yourself. Respect yourself. Love yourself. Embrace those who love you. Dismiss those who won’t. And stop making excuses for the ones who won’t. You deserve better. 

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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August 17th, 2015

We see other people not as they are but filtered through our expectations of them. We pull up behind a big, loud pickup truck with obscene bumper stickers and empty beer cans visible in the rear window and we are sure we know the kind of person driving that vehicle. Suddenly the driver steps out and walks toward us. It’s our best friend! Our mood changes our heart opens, we welcome the contact.

“Why are you driving that? ” we ask. ” Oh, I just needed a truck to deliver food to the homeless and I borrowed this from a neighbor.” We quickly forget the truck and all of our assumptions and hug our friend.

If we knew right from the start that our friend was driving that truck we never would have assumed anything negative about who was driving that truck. It’s when we didn’t know who was inside that we started to judge.

It doesn’t matter what the outside of someone looks like. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. All that matters is the person inside.

Now you may never get the opportunity to see who is driving the obnoxious vehicle in front of you but don’t be too quick to judge them badly. Your judging won’t make a lick of difference to them but it will make a difference to how open your heart is. Keep an open heart and an open mind and expect friends to pop out of the most unlikely vehicles.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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Faith in You

August 3rd, 2015

Faith is believing in some thing or some one. It seems so easy to have faith in any number of things and yet it seems to be so difficult to have faith in ourselves.

​ There are people who believe in you. There are people who believe that you are capable of wonderful things. There are people who have given you second and third and more chances. Why? Because all these people have faith in you. Are they wrong? What do they see that you don’t see?

You are a winner. You have made it through diseases, cuts, bruises, relationship breakups, loss, betrayal, bullies, school, moving, pain, struggles both big and small and you are still here. Not only are you still here but you are wiser and mentally stronger than you have ever been.

You don’t have faith in you because you focus on what went wrong, what didn’t work out, who didn’t help you. You’re looking at your losses and shortcomings and the people who love you are looking at how you bounced back and what you have learned.

It’s time to regain that faith in yourself. It’s time to take into account that you have made it this far because you are an integral part of your world. You are necessary. You actually do make a difference. Let go of all that darkens your life.

This moment begins the rest of your life. Reach for gratitude and appreciation in whatever amounts you can muster. Believe, have faith that the greatest part of your life is just beginning. It’s true.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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