July 25th, 2016

Tomorrow morning, if you are lucky, you will wake up. Within minutes you will form expectations for your day. Maybe those expectations will be formed by your health or your job or what happened today or your to do list or maybe even the weather. 

Those expectations will be a pretty good indicator of how your day will go. Your expectations are the blueprint for your day and for your life. Sure, some days will vary from what’s in your expectations but most days will stick pretty close to it. 

Well, if we have expectations and our days go along with those expectations, it should be pretty easy to have great days by creating great expectations. Right? 

Not so fast. Our expectations can take us to better days but the problem is that our expectations are so low that greatness in any area is far away. As we age, every time our expectations are not manifested we lower our expectations. When a relationship falters, lower. When a health crisis hits, lower. When a gamble turns into a loss, lower. When we don’t realize success in any area, lower. 

Pretty soon our expectations are so low that we feel like we are doing okay if we are merely surviving.

It can be better. It will take a serious amount of effort but it can be much better. When I was in boot camp in the Marines some recruits were astonished that when they got hurt or tired or sick they were forced to continue. Their expectations and the expectations of the drill instructor were not the same. The higher expectations of the drill instructor is what caused them to grow, to persevere, to attain goals that they thought impossible for themselves. 

 We need to be our own drill instructors. If you want to succeed in dieting or reshaping your body or having better relationships or more money you are going to have to have bigger and better expectations for yourself and you will have to WRITE THEM DOWN AND FOLLOW THEM WITH NO EXCUSES ALLOWED!

If you are lucky enough to wake up tomorrow morning and if when you awaken you immediately bring to mind a positive expectation and follow your blueprint without excuses….you’ll get the life that you dreamed of but have come to think of as impossible. Bigger expectations + no excuses = Everything you want. 

Sundrops On Life – Better Thoughts. Better Days. 

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July 11th, 2016

Out of the corner of our eye we catch the flash of a firefly in the darkness of the night. Thrilled to be seeing one after so long we scan the darkness for another flash not knowing where it will appear next.

For many people the flash of a firefly in the night is akin to the flash of happiness in their life. It suddenly appears and than disappears and they wait for another flash of happiness somewhere sometime.

“But”, you say, “I have more happiness than just a brief flash once in a while”. “Excellent” I say. “How big is your celebration?” “What celebration?” you say. “The celebration for all the happiness in your life.” I say

When something goes wrong in our life, everybody hears about it. We walk like we have a problem. We talk like we have a problem. We eat poorly and we mope around. There is no other topic to talk about except our problem.

We all have some happiness in our life and most of us would like more but where is the gratitude and the celebration for what we have? Where is the joy for all the people who have loved us and helped us? Where are the feel good feelings?

When our life is free of problems we look to where we live for problems. When our life and surroundings are problem free we look to our work and our friends for problems. When our life, our surroundings, our work and our friends are good we look to the world for problems. WHY???

Stop looking for problems! Focus on what is right in your life. Focus on what is good in your dwelling. Focus on the benefits of your work. Focus on the love of your friends. Focus on the beauty of the planet. Ask yourself – Right now am I looking for what’s right or what’s wrong?
Never let the pursuit of happiness be sidelined by the pursuit of problems. 

Sundrops On Life – Better Thoughts. Better Days. 


Change them

July 5th, 2016

Change how you look, change where you live, change your job but nothing really changes until you change what you consistently think about because what you consistently think about is the biggest influence on your life.

 If you consistently think that you are handicapped by your looks or your age or your health or anything else, that self imposed roadblock will pop up every time you try to step out of the confines of your life as it is right now. You will be unable to take even a baby step forward and you will live with frustration. 

Right now you could scan the internet and find people who are handicapped in every imaginable way and you can read about their adventures. Why can they do what they do? They are not that different than you. They just think differently than you do. They think they can so they are willing to try. Thoughts are the key.

 “Woe is me” breeds more woes. “I can’t do that” breeds more cants. “I could regret doing that” breeds more fears of trying. “I’m not strong enough” breeds more weakness.


 “Sometimes you just have to go for it” breeds more courage. “I will find the strength ” breeds more assurance. “I am Divinely guided” breeds more faith. “I am ready for this” breeds certainty.

​​​​​​​No one is going to show up at your door with pompoms and a marching band. You are going to have to be your own cheerleader. And you are going to have to be your own cheerleader every single hour of every singe day. 

 Change the thoughts you consistently think and you will open the gates to the dreams and desires that have been waiting at those gates for you. You can do it. Think about that!


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(c)2016 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride 

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