February 27th, 2012

Where are the awards for loving and caring? You know that you have been nominated don’t you? Every time someone remembers a kindness you did for them, you get a vote cast for you. Every time someone remembers how you went out of your way when you really didn’t want to, you get a vote cast for you. Every time you forgive the hurt someone did to you, you get a vote cast for you. Every time you send a prayer out there for someone you get another vote cast for you.

More votes are being cast for you every day than you could possibly imagine. People who know or have known you are always silently thanking you for the positive words and compassion you had for them. People who don’t know you are praying for you and your love to triumph in this world. You are one of the stars on this planet and many people know it.

Many people are voting for you but who nominated you? Before you were born there was a great deal of discussion about what this planet would need at this time and you were chosen to come here and make a difference and you have and you continue to make a huge difference. “Oh” you say “you couldn’t possibly mean me. I’ve screwed up so many times it isn’t funny.” Yes and no. Yes, you have screwed up many times and no, it really is funny.

You have screwed up in ways that were unimaginable to a regular person. You have blundered and guessed wrong more times than most people BUT you recovered each and every time. You triumphed time and time again. You dug yourself out of every hole you fell into. You got back up every time you got knocked down.

You could have come here and just talked and no one would have listened or changed but you showed by example that you could overcome anything and still be caring and loving no matter how difficult your path. Your strength has made a difference. Your love has made a difference. Your caring has made a difference and your example has made a difference.

The votes are still being counted but from what I hear, you are the favorite to get the award. Well done.

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


Self Talk

February 20th, 2012

“Oh sure”, you say,”I’m never going through that stuff again. Nobody is ever going to do that to me again. I’ve changed”. And then surer than a daily sunrise, somebody does”it” to you again. Why? Because you really haven’t changed. Oh, you got a bit more experience under your belt but you are still you. You haven’t really changed.

If you dress up like a lumberjack, people are going to treat you like a lumberjack. If you change the part in your hair and dress up like a lumberjack people are still going to treat you like a lumberjack because you’ve only made a small change. If you really want to change, you’ve got to make GREAT changes and if you want to make GREAT changes, you have to make GREAT changes in the way you talk to yourself.

You can’t criticize and whip your self all day everyday and then complain that there is no joy in your life, that you are stuck.
Self esteem problem? NO!
Self confidence problem? NO!
Self talk problem? YES!!!!

Starting right now, make a commitment that you will no longer linger on any thought that is critical of your looks, capabilities, income, past or relationships. Starting right now, make a commitment to accept and be kind to yourself in every bit of self talk and to start envisioning a brighter tomorrow in every way.

Starting right now, tell yourself that you are heading to the top of the mountain and you’re not packing anything negative for the trip. Talk to yourself repeatedly about how blessed and wonderful you are and you’ll be surprised at how fast you get to the top. You can do it!

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


Comments from the Sundrops Survey

February 13th, 2012

These are the comments to the Sundrops Survey in Dec’11. Thank you again for your kind thoughts and support.

You are the best man I have ever found! N.V.

I have felt better from reading your words than any other words I have ever read except the bible. S.G.

There are so many guys in Iraq and Kuwait that read your Sundrops. You will never know the enormous good you have done and continue to do. They helped me through a lot of stuff. Thank you. O.S.

If there was just you on the Internet, I’d still pay for it. M.M.

You have made a difference in the lives of four generations of my family in Hong Kong. L.T.

I love the randomness of the topics and appreciate opening up a surprise email with a surprise subject every morning. There are many that have gotten me through the day with just a one liner. Don’t change anything. I appreciate all that you do! You inspire me. L.S.

Swear you will never stop writing. Please! G.P.

It always feels like you are writing just for me. L.D.

When I read my daily Sundrops they affect my work and my family. I know that I start thinking more about love and all my blessings. Sometimes I’ve called home just to say I love you after reading one of your sundrops. You make a huge difference, thanks. H.H.

There is a special place in heaven for you for all that you do. G.W.

You have helped me, my family and my business. How can I thank you? C.F.

I watch your videos and read your sundrops and I am recharged. Thank you! N.T

Liked recorded Sundrops in house and backyard. C.T.

Loved 30 Days videos. Would like a new video every month of two. Listening to your voice…is like you are talking to me directly. R.D.

Keep them coming. I save them. S.S.

What you give us is such a wonderful gift. Your words are such an inspiration. I share them with friends and family all the time. Please keep doing what you’re doing in any format. It’s all good. Thank you for all the words of encouragement, hope, peace, love and joy that you give us every day. May God bless you and your family and give you inspiration for 2012. L.C.

I have to say that I love Sundrops. I look forward to the Monday Message, especially after the weekend. As you can tell I am a huge fan of yours and all your wonderful, feel good thoughts. M.G.

Would love to see or hear short audio or visual meditations and self esteem affirmations that would just enhance the message you are sending us. May everything good come your way and may you always realize what a blessing you are. SH

Receiving Sundrops for past two years. LOVE them. Your words help me find my own self. L.

You have given me the strength to leave an abusive relationship after 15 years of hell. I will always keep you in my prayers. Thank you from my heart. L.A.

You spend so much time giving to others from Sundrops, time you might need for other endeavors. Just do when inspired. B.L.

I’ve been receiving your Sundrops for the last two years and I just love the way they arrive, the way they are perfect!!! Whether they are shorter or longer, it’s just the perfect word, feeling and sense at the right moment. Thank you for sharing, thank God for putting you in my life, Thank the Universe for all that you have helped me in finding my own self through your perfect words. Thank you! M.A.

I have shared your Sundrops with all my friends and family. You are such a blessing to so many. Please keep ’em coming! We love you!! D.F.

You are an amazing gift from God and you touch my life every day. Thank You. J.A.

I wanted to say how inspiring your Sundrops are. They make a wonderful positive difference in my life. Thank you for sharing such love and light with others. I believe I am meant to be reading the ones that you choose, that everything is connected in such a way that the appropriate messages are reaching me and all of your other readers just as they were intended. And what an awesome feeling, to know that I’m being blessed simultaneously as others are being blessed in the Sundrops community. So, thank you once again and keep being you and doing what you do. J.K.

I wish I had found you site sooner but I know that there is much more to come. N.

I love, love, love Sundrops and find so much wisdom and guidance in them. I truly appreciate getting the benefit of these thoughts that shake me out of my routine and helps me look at things in a more positive light. C.S.

I save Sundrops in a folder and refer to them often. I loved 30 Days and would like to see more. N.B.

Started reading your Sundrops when I was recuperating at the Veterans Hospital in Dallas. Still read them every day. They are great. K.S.

I very much enjoyed your 30 Todays of Happiness. It was wonderful to be able to see and hear your message. May God bless you and your family greatly. S.

For eight years I have posted your Sundrops all over my house and office. It looks like a Patrick/Sundrops museum and I love it. Keep writing. G.F.

You always seem to be a mindreader and select, particularly on Mondays, just the right topic to cover to help me or my friends with whom I share your insights. Thanks so much and Keep them coming! C.W.

Thank you so much for doing this. E.M.

Everyone at my hospital has a folder of their favorite Sundrops and we will refer to them often especially on very stressful shifts. Thanks for helping so many. God Bless. F.J.

This is clearly your calling and purpose in life – to inspire and touch people. Please keep it up! K.H.

Overall, I think your work is truly amazing and you have a special gift that touches people at a profound level. Thank you for answering the call to do that. Many would not have done it. So keep up the good work Patrick and keep changing the world 3 Sundrops at a time. V.H.

Please don’t change a thing. I like hearing your words and what flows through you. T.C.

You have a profound gift that touches people at a profound level. Thank you for answering the call to do that. Keep changing the world, 3 Sundrops at a time. V.H.

Somehow we need ways to believe in ourselves, in our higher power, and find strength to go on and survive the difficulties, yet make life joyful for ourselves and others. Sundrops teaches us each day of ways we can do this. A.D.

You hit LOVE all the time and that is so essential as a reminder because it can get so lost, especially at my day at work. I like how universal they are – kids, teens, adults. Keep it up! I couldn’t enjoy anything more. D.S.

Thanks for a good job and inspiration. God Bless. B.B

I find your Sundrops to be just that – drops of sun and warmth to add to my day. Many times the things you write seem just what I need to spark my spirit. I am grateful to you and for your sweet thoughts. M.T.

You say what I feel so often! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. C.S.

I enjoy your inspirational messages so much. They begin my day . Thank you for the time you take for others. J.J.

I particularly enjoy the redirection to subjects involving love, whether of self or others, but they are all wonderful ! D.W.

Sundrops are an incredible boost. You are a Sundrop yourself, Patrick, sent directly from God to me. C.K.

YOU are doing a GREAT job and I SO appreciate you!. S.W.

When Sundrops came into my life all was rather bleak. Sundrops are just that, little drops of sunlight that helped me find my way out of the darkness. I will always remember you. J.J.

I love these so much! G. M.

Thank you Patrick! You are so very generous to share your gifts with us. P.S.

I hear you are considering making changes to Sundrops-of course you know best- but I hope you change very little, if any. I have a distribution list I forward them on to and many times to individuals having issues and they fit just perfectly. Whatever you decide – keep ’em coming!!!! J.F.

Thank you for taking the time to brighten my day. S.P.

I love receiving your inspiration. I like the shorter messages and once a day is good for me. Thank you very much and please keep inspiring!!! R.C.

I sincerely love anything you send any time. R.S.

When you lose a loved one, life can seem very hopeless. Thank God for you and your Sundrops, I don’t know where I would be without them. G.R.

I love what you do and what you write about…and I love you! M.F.

Keep up the good work and a big thanks, Patrick! M.J.

I really enjoy and appreciate Sundrops. S.P.

Somebody has to write a book about all the good you do! You and your Sundrops are such an inspiration to so many people of all ages. Thank you!!! P.M.

I am new, but I really like the insprational messages. A.K.

You are doing a great job! P.F.

Sometimes it helps me to relate to personal stories. It would be cool if sometimes Monday Message dealt with real-life applications of one of the Sundrops. A story makes it easier to apply the Sundrops and makes it more memorable and easy to recall. K.K.

I like it just the way it is. Thanks so much! K.B.

You are an Angel that came into my life with the perfect words when I most needed them. Thank God for you Patrick! G.G.

Great balance of subjects. L.S.

What? Change Sundrops? Surely you’re kidding 😉 I love it just like it is. I have may people I forward them to from time to time. D.T.

Just to say thank you. I do often wonder where you get all of your inspiration and I’m very grateful that I came upon your site. I get it at my office and home. God Bless you and your family. U.H.

You are doing great! J.O.

Sundrops is the greatest gift I have ever been given! Thank you, thank you, thank you! E.P.

Our world is in great turmoil here in the desert. Please know that your words help. O.H.

I think you are doing good! Keep it up! N.M.

All that you talk about, I love. I am buying your book. Keep up the good work. Love and best wishes to your family. K.W.

I hope this has been of some help. You do so much for so many and we, along with all our friends we share your Sundrops with, can not thank you enough. B.L.

I find you an inspiration in doing this. Do whatever your heart and soul tell you. I seem to open your messages exactly when I seem to need them…and thank you! C.M.

You rock! If you are guided to change anything, so be it. I will welcome any changes or more of exactly the same! Thank you!!! M.M.

Luv ya, Patrick! S.C.

What you are doing right now, in my opinion is perfect. I wish I could receive the Sundrops 7 days a week! Maybe weekend Sundrops could come from your earlier writings. Your e-mail is a great blessing to me and I cannot express enough gratitude for your service. Thank you, thank you, thank you. D.F.

Keep up the good work and I love what your brilliant heart, mind and soul have to say! J.

I always get something good that I can apply to my life. Some days it seems it was meant just for me as it fits so well. Thanks for being you…. 7,000 – amazing!!!! J.H.

While I have only been on your Sundrops email list for a short time, I have been blessed by your messages. R.D.

Everyone in the world should read your words every day and there would be much more peace and love in this world. I am spreading the Sundrops word every where I travel. A.A.

Patrick, I have saved your 30 sundrop videos to my computer. I like to revisit them from time to time. R.D.

Thank you for the gift of all of your Sundrops, which I have enjoyed for the past decade. Thanks also for the 30 Todays of Happiness videos.I created a numbered list 1 to 30 with a short phrase summarizing your takeaway from each day. It is on my office wall right next to my desk, for review each day as the month progresses. K.C.

I just started receiving Sundrops and love the short messages that brighten my day and often give a little different perspective on a topic. Just love the uplifting happy notes each day. It was nice seeing the ones recorded in your house and backyard. C.T.

I enjoy it just the way you do it. Every day there’s a message in the message! K.H.

Your Sundrops are an incredible boost to me. You are a Sundrop yourself, Patrick – sent directly from God to me, and you have benefited so much those I so love in my life. Thank you eternally for all you do! C.K.

You know all too well that what we give in this life we receive. You give so much of yourself just to better our lives. God Bless you and thank you for being so willing to share your creative gifts with us. Your thoughts are new and creative. They educate, inspire and keep us going. S.S.

Sundrops on life is extremely motivating and strengthens each day of mine, I feel blessed. Subscription to Sundrops is the best thing that has happened to me so far and I so look forward to more of it. Keep up the noble work Patrick.P.C.

Your words have helped my family through a very difficult time. I am forever grateful for who you are and what you do. I know that God guides your hands when you are writing. Thank you. D.S.


What If?

February 13th, 2012

She knew the way home alright so there was no need to look up, ever. Nothing went through her mind as she walked the familiar path. That’s not exactly true. A lot of thoughts came and went through her mind but nothing of any consequence. She went up the familiar stairs and through the familiar door and into her familiar bedroom and once again laid on her familiar bed.

The question “What’s the use?” started to surface in her mind but it had come up so many times without ever being satisfied that it just faded away before it could be fully recognized. Suddenly, a thought that had never been there before walked right in. Just as “What’s the use?” was fading away, “What if?” walked right in and started looking around in her mind. What if? started seeing possibilities even in the grayness and the shadows. What if? looked out through her eyes and started reporting back all the possibilities in her familiar bedroom.

She sat up on the bed and started to listen to the cascade of ideas that what if? was generating. Some sounded silly but most sounded very interesting. What if? instantly became her best friend. Nobody had ever made her feel so alive and energized. What if? put a golden glow on every single thought she explored. What if? was just what she had always been looking for but never found up until now. She imagined herself walking and running with what if?. She thought that what if? would make school so much more fun. Why even her reflection in the mirror looked better when she listened to what if? talk about it. She just knew that life was going to be so much better now because what if? would always be there to solve problems and give a fresh outlook to everything. For the first time since heaven knows when, she was happy.

Just a silly little story about an imaginary girl and you are obviously not her but …what if?

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


A picture of you

February 6th, 2012

When you get a chance, take a look at a picture of yourself, the less flattering the better. The first feeling is recognition (yep, that’s me) and then very quickly you become the critic (OMG look at the way I …). Stop!

Do you have any idea of all the person in that picture has been through? Do you have any idea how hard the struggle has been? Do you know how very hard that person is working to make a better life? Do you know that the person in that picture just wants a chance to do good, to help others and to be remembered as someone who really cared, to love and be loved? Don’t you think that the person in the picture in front of you deserves a break from your criticism? Of course you do.

If a fighter punched himself repeatedly for days before he got into the ring, what chance would he have at winning? None. The world is not difficult. Making money is not difficult. Having a loving relationship is not difficult. Having the strength or energy to do any of that after beating up on yourself repeatedly is very difficult.

Everything you want in life starts with how you treat you. If you think you can do something, it’s done. If you think that you deserve more, you’ll get it. If you like and love yourself, your world will reflect exactly that.

It’s time to love you. It’s time to look at that picture of you and declare once and for all “I’m going to take care of you! I’m going to support you! I’m going to help you, build you up, be your biggest cheerleader”. It’s time to change and the biggest and most important change is to begin talking better to yourself. You can do it and you definitely deserve it after all you’ve been through. Right?

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride