What If?

She knew the way home alright so there was no need to look up, ever. Nothing went through her mind as she walked the familiar path. That’s not exactly true. A lot of thoughts came and went through her mind but nothing of any consequence. She went up the familiar stairs and through the familiar door and into her familiar bedroom and once again laid on her familiar bed.

The question “What’s the use?” started to surface in her mind but it had come up so many times without ever being satisfied that it just faded away before it could be fully recognized. Suddenly, a thought that had never been there before walked right in. Just as “What’s the use?” was fading away, “What if?” walked right in and started looking around in her mind. What if? started seeing possibilities even in the grayness and the shadows. What if? looked out through her eyes and started reporting back all the possibilities in her familiar bedroom.

She sat up on the bed and started to listen to the cascade of ideas that what if? was generating. Some sounded silly but most sounded very interesting. What if? instantly became her best friend. Nobody had ever made her feel so alive and energized. What if? put a golden glow on every single thought she explored. What if? was just what she had always been looking for but never found up until now. She imagined herself walking and running with what if?. She thought that what if? would make school so much more fun. Why even her reflection in the mirror looked better when she listened to what if? talk about it. She just knew that life was going to be so much better now because what if? would always be there to solve problems and give a fresh outlook to everything. For the first time since heaven knows when, she was happy.

Just a silly little story about an imaginary girl and you are obviously not her but …what if?

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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