September 28th, 2015

 Should you move, break a relationship, quit your job, go back to school, buy a drum set? When the idea of changing your life surfaces it isn’t because there is something terribly wrong with your life. It is because you want more. You want more adventure, more challenges, more newness. You want to feel more alive.

The key to success is to change before you make the change. What that means is to act like you would in a new place before you make the move. Look around you. Is this the way you want to live in the new place? Change it now. What it would feel like to have a certain someone no longer in your life. Is there freedom or sadness? Imagine it happening now. 

 We warm up before exercise. We prepare before going to bed. We put on seatbelt before we drive. We prepare for what we are going to do but we jump right into life changing situations and consider ourselves brave. 

​ Whenever you are faced with a big change, take it for a test drive first! Act as if the change has already taken place. How does it feel to sit for endless hours in a classroom? How does it feel to hit a drum like a three year old instead of Ginger Baker? 

 Change is great! It is highly recommend. Lights come on in the areas of your brain that were dark and dormant. Change is aliveness! BUT make the changes that help you to live a bigger, better, happier life. Change just for the sake of change is a recipe for regret and depression and a fear of making any more changes.

 Go ahead and make changes. Make small changes and big changes. Make them first in your thoughts and then in your imagination and then in your life. Right now, look around. What do you want to change? …..Think about it.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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Just live

September 21st, 2015

 Be informed they say. Know what’s going on all over the world they say. Find out who’s covering up this or that they say. You are being lied to they say. Be filled with gratitude they say. Eat this and not that they say. Believe us and not them they say. Do this to live longer than say.

 How about we stop listening to “them” and we start listening to ourselves? How about we decide today, right now, to just live? 

 Years ago we got input from our family, neighbors and teachers and a few books. From that we decided who we liked and what we wanted and we just lived. Television connected us to more people wanting to make a buck and get some followers. The internet followed and more people tried to make a buck and get more followers. Suddenly great numbers of people wanted us to think like them for their  own profit or for power. We stopped just living and everyone started to enroll in the camps of “one of us” or “the others”.

 It’s time to just live. It’s time to reconnect with your heart. It’s time to be you, the real you. The you that conforms because you want to or the you that doesn’t conform because it feels right. It’s time to stop getting upset with countries and to start understanding that the world is filled with different people and it’s not your job to “fix” them. It’s time to just live without judgement or animosity. You know in your heart who you want to be around and who you don’t. Honor that.

 The past is not the answer. You’ve grown so much since then. It would be a shame to waste that. The present is where you get to say “I’m going to do my own thinking and make my own choices and as long as no one else jeopardizes the safety of me and my family, I’m just going to live”. The future is your place to dream. That’s important too.

​ It’s time to turn down the cacophony of voices wanting you to do this or believe that. There is a power inside of you that knows the way. It lives in a beautiful, powerful place past your conditioning and your ego. It’s who you are. Be quiet. Meditate if you can. Connect with the real you and just live. 


(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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September 14th, 2015

 We all know the problem with clutter. It stifles creativity and it overwhelms But how about the clutter inside of us? How about the endless unresolved issues? How about the thoughts that are piled up in every corner of our mind? How do we declutter that???

 There are three essentials for clearing mental clutter. Number one is gratitude. Be thankful that you have a mind that works. Be thankful that in all those thoughts there are some real gems. Be thankful that you can take control and think what you want to think.

 Number Two is exercise. Your mind is housed in a physical body. They are connected. Anything good that you do to benefit your body will benefit your mind. A little exercise pays big dividends.

 Number Three is repetition. Anything that you think over and over will strengthen. Choose wisely. If you constantly think about your unresolved issues you will make them stronger. Make decisions! You cannot make a wrong decision. There is an amazing amount of guidance in your life. What we call bad decisions are just lessons that we couldn’t or wouldn’t learn any other way. 

 Our minds are an infinite source of thoughts. Think the ones that make you feel better. Cut short any thoughts that make you feel bad. Make a list of thoughts that make you smile, that make you feel really good. Refer to it often!

 Think about what feels good. Think about what sounds good. Think about what looks good. Think about what tastes good. Think about what smells good. That’s right, your senses are ready, willing and able to cut through the mental clutter and deliver a good feeling to you any time, any place. 

A better feeling is one thought away.  


(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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