How close to happy?

How close are you to happy? Some of us will nod and say pretty close. Some of us will laugh because it’s like asking how close we are to the tooth fairy. Some of us will feel wistful for a moment because it has been a while. No matter what group you identify with, you can get much closer to happy. In fact, in just one more moment you can reorient yourself in the direction of happiness. As soon as you finish reading this message, instead of jumping to the next e-mail, stop for just a moment and bring to mind a personal happiness. A personal happiness is a happy that you felt, that you experienced, that made you feel so amazingly happy that just the thought of it sends those tingling sensations through your whole body when you recall it. The moment you recall that personal happiness you have laid a foundation of happiness right here right now and upon that foundation you can build the rest of your life. That foundation will only allow thoughts of a simi lar nature to build upon it. The great part is that it will only attract those thoughts and none others. What is asked of you is that for a while you bring no other contrary thoughts to mind. It’s a bit of work but hey, you’re building the rest of your life here. Write a little cryptic note and post it where you can see it. Let that note remind you and no one else of that happy moment. Refer to it often and build, build, build. Remember, you have to be happy to get more of it. Okay this is the end of the message. Stop for just a moment now and think about that personal happiness. Right here right now, happiness is within reach. Grab it!

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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