We have all had those times when we, sometimes suddenly, start to feel agitated and angry for no discernible reason. We start finding fault with everything and everyone. Darkness and negativity become the overwhelming victor in a battle that you didn’t even know was taking place.

What can you do? Surrender to the dark onslaught? Cry, whine and complain? Start blaming circumstances? Start blaming people? Become a temporary hermit and cut yourself off from the world?

​​​​​​​While your relationships are in danger of you lashing out and your immune system is weakening from the mood you now find yourself, you want help but none of these possible answers resonate with your spirit because there has always been something inside of you that wanted things to be lighter, to be better. But how?

When you go in to a dark bedroom at night do you carry a big bag to gather up all the darkness so that you can see? Of course not! You turn on a light and the darkness disappears. Is there still darkness under the bed or in the floor of the closet or behind the dresser? Of course there is and if that doesn’t bother you, if you feel comfortable, than don’t do anything but if you want to get rid of every bit of darkness in that room then bring in more light. Make your room look like a sunny day at the beach.

If you find yourself with a mind full of darkness and negativity, do the exact same thing. Bring in the light! There is no greater or brighter light than love. Bring it in! Close your eyes for a moment and bring your attention to your heart area. Imagine that your heart is flooding your mind, body and spirit with love. Feel it. Sense it. Send that love to your butt cheeks, your pinky toe, your ear lobes, to every cell in your body, no exceptions. Do it until you feel a smile come to your face. Do not stop until you smile! Continue for a moment more and then open your eyes and feel the victory. Fist pumps are allowed for you are truly the victor once again. Love always wins. Count on it.

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 Patrick McBride

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