Be Happy

First make yourself happy. You don’t have to walk around grinning at everyone you see. The most important part is to feel it inside of you. You know what that feels like. Nobody can rob you of your happiness. You can generate as much of the stuff as you want. The only thing in the entire world that can choke off the flow of your happiness is the conditions that you put on it. If you believe that your happiness can only flow under certain conditions than you are going to spend all of your time and money and effort trying to create those precise conditions. The more conditions the more variables. The more variables the less likely that everything could possibly be in alignment. The more out of alignment the less happiness. What’s at fault? Oh you can blame it on conditions but who said those conditions matter? If you want to be happy -be happy. You have more than enough reasons to start that flow going. Remember how many times you said you would be happy if only you get get through that week? Well you did! Be happy. Suddenly you see a puppy or kitten or baby and you feel happy. What caused that? You did! You said to yourself that it is good to feel happy under those conditions. Expand those conditions. Make it okay to be happy because you can breathe and see and feel. Be happy because there are still people in your life that would so appreciate hearing you say I love you. And be happy because you still have the ability to say it. Ask yourself often “Am I strong enough to be happy?” It takes a strong person to be happy. You can do it.


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