Devour life

“It’s not working!”. You have tried to live a good life. You have bought countless books, read innumerable articles, spent endless hours on the internet and still… it’s not working! You changed your diet, started exercising a bit, started thinking positive, focused on your heart center and still… it’s not working! What more can you possibly do?

Give up! That’s right, give up! Give up your quest for perfection. Give up your need to know everything before it happens. Give up your compulsion to change other people. Give up your search for that special ritual, talisman, secret that will forever banish pain, depression and confusion from your life. It doesn’t exist.

You have a life and each life is a wild mixture of pleasure and pain. There is chaos and panic and broken promises. There is joy and unbelievable love and incredible adventures and interactions with other people that are going through the same scenarios but at different times then you. There is learning and there is unlearning. There are illusions and delusions and yet you have a bit of control.

You can control your attitude. You can dance to this wild crazy music instead of waiting for a slow song that’s familiar. You can cry and not hate yourself for crying. You can throw your mistakes and misgivings and self recriminations on the bonfire. You can just live.

That’s right. Give up your quest for perfection and just live. Accept the body you have. Accept your past. Accept your lack in any area. Accept your condition. Keep your dreams, your aspirations on your wish list but take whatever life gives you and good or ugly, devour it. Stop complaining. Stop blaming. Stop criticizing yourself or your choices. Stop looking for what’s wrong.

Strip off the illusion of security and protection. Pull a chair up to life’s table and say. “I’m hungry for more. Bring me what’s next on the menu. I’m going to devour whatever it is!”. An appetite for life. There’s the ticket.

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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