eyes of love

 We see the world and everything in it with the eyes of love or with eyes that are devoid of love. 

 Eyes that see through love see people just like us. They are not our identical twins but they feel loss and they feel pain, both physical and emotional much the same as we do. Loving eyes see but do not judge those who are reluctant to ask for help because we have seen those times. Love sees people who put on a very good front while a dark storm rages inside of them and tears at their souls and we have seen those times too. The eyes of love see through all the false fronts and the overblown fears and looks for a way to help, to care, to support. The eyes of love see clearly.

 The eyes that are devoid of love see only the differences between people. They judge based solely on the pretenses, the facades,the armor and the circumstances. The judgements come swiftly and mercilessly and the eyes move on. The eyes that are devoid of love become colder and more cruel the more they see. Turned inward, the eyes that are devoid of love become their cruelest. The eyes that are devoid of love see only the flaws.

 How do we know if we are seeing with love or not? We look into the mirror. If our sight is devoid of love the mirror will let us know because there we will see someone who is full of flaws, someone who is aging, someone who is not perfect, someone who is unacceptable, someone who is afraid. 

If we look into the mirror and we see someone there who is not judging but rather just peacefully accepting, someone who is strong, someone who is a little bit indecisive, someone who smiles easily, someone who allows the reality of the moment and is not adverse to change but not driven by it either then we know that those are the eyes of love. 

You will see the world the way you see the mirror. Look into the mirror and learn to accept the figure there. If it makes you smile, you are seeing clearly. 

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