First Step

What would happen if you missed the first step in a recipe? A ruined meal. What would happen if you missed the first step going up a ladder? A possible fall. What would happen if you missed the first step in doing the laundry? Pink clothes. 

Why then do we think that we can get what we want if we ignore the first step?

Many people are convinced that they are born unlucky or that they will never get what they want or that some deity is withholding what they want for some lesson to be learned.

The truth is that most people don’t get what they want because they miss the first step. They don’t “feel” what they want. What they want is usually just an idea that shows up periodically in their thoughts. 

This life is complex but it is a life that is filled with simple feelings and emotions. We learned early on that crying brought a needed diaper change or a meal. We pictured and felt ourselves at the beach, skiing or Disneyland long before we actually got there. Feeling are powerful!

We not only dreamed of being there, we felt what it would be like when we got there many, many times. Over and over again we felt our graduation, our move, our vacation and it happened!

The first step to getting what we want is to feel it and to feel it often. Reinforcement is crucial. If we can’t feel it, we will never experience it. Thoughts are the blueprints for what we want. Feeling are the workers that take those blueprints and create exactly what we want.   

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