When the first human beings appeared on this planet there were two genders and an enormous question. Which one of these two was the strongest? The answer to this question was of great importance because the future of the human race was hanging in the balance. 

 On the outside both looked strong and capable so that couldn’t be the deciding factor. Looking inside at the brain, again it seemed that although the thought processes were a little different for each, they were both capable of great imagination, deep thought and creativity. That too was ruled a tie and couldn’t be the deciding factor. 

 Next, the heart was examined and the differences were astounding! Both hearts were equal in size and strength but the male heart thought mostly of itself and the female heart thought mostly of the male heart. Both held the capacity to generate an enormous amount of love but only the female heart was constant in its production under any and all circumstances. 

​​​​​​​ The decision was made. The female would carry the offspring because if the human race was to survive, most importantly it would need a steady supply of love under any and all circumstances. 

 We may not be able to look back and watch that investigation but we can see the results even now eons later. All we have to do is to bring to mind a grandmother whose age and gender allowed her to see, support, heal and comfort anyone at any time. These are the wisdom keepers. These are the ones who have been trusted to make all things grow. 

 The trophy for being the strongest never goes to the one who can yell the loudest or the one who wins a physical fight or lifts a great deal of weight. The trophy for being the strongest always goes to the one who loves the most under any and all circumstances.

 There are an infinite number of grandmothers in your bloodline and they have all carried the torch of love and passed it on. It’s now your time whether you are male or female to honor them by loving greatly under any and all circumstances. Be that love. That would make them smile.  

 Patrick McBride’s Sundrops On Life ​​​​​​​

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