Where are you going? Maybe you have a plan and that’s good but just because you have a plan doesn’t mean that life is going to follow it. Sometimes it will and you’ll be in the flow and feel the wind at your back and you will experience elation and enthusiasm. Sometimes it won’t and you’ll be down in the dumps and you will experience sadness and frustration.

Whether you are up or down or just coasting along in neutral, you are experiencing and every experience you have makes you wiser, more understanding and more able. You learn to adapt and overcome. You become a better you!

Yes, there have been many obstacles that you have faced but you have overcome every one of them without exception. Whenever life has thrown you a curve ball you have moaned and complained but you have never failed to adapt to the situation.

Your track record for overcoming obstacles and adapting to sudden changes is impeccable. Nothing has ever stopped you. Nothing ever will. You are made of hope and fortitude and power. You have experienced more than most people and you have persevered and you keep moving forward. 

Yes, there have been dark times that lacked any clarity but you held on and generated your own light to find a way out and you did. You have always triumphed. It’s who you are on the inside.

There will be more hurts and pain and darkness in your future and when they come I want you to try to remember who you really are. Remember that you are facing this new obstacle because you have overcome every other one without exception. You are facing a new challenge because you keep moving up on your levels of strength and the only way you can grow is to be challenged at a higher level.

Where are you going? You are going into the memories of everyone who knew you. You are going into the DNA of everyone you have loved. You are going to Heaven or Nirvana or Valhalla or wherever the heroes go because that’s who you are. Between now and then keep adapting. Keep showing them how it’s done and keep remembering that luck didn’t get you this far, the light and strength inside of you did and it never fails. Neither do you.

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 Patrick McBride 

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