Imagine that

How do you fix a power failure? I’m not talking about the electricity that powers your abode. I’m talking about a personal power failure. How do you fix that?

Well, before we can fix any power failure we have to locate the power source. The source is the spark of life within each one of us. It isn’t easy to see but we can tell when it’s not there. It’s called being dead. Just about anyone can tell the difference between someone who is asleep and someone who is dead because there is something in each of us that senses a pulsating life force or its absence.

Now, we can feel our own life force easily enough but what is the source? It is our heart. We have a physical heart with all its tubes and chambers and we have a metaphysical heart with it’s amazing abilities. Our metaphysical heart (MH) is similar to a small, powerful reactor. 

Our MH is what powers every cell in our bodies. It is constantly producing an enormous amount of energy. When we feel down, weak, powerless it is because we are not properly directing that energy. It is being dissipated without benefitting us. So how do we plug in and redirect that energy where it will do the most good for us? It is so much easier than you think.


All you have to do is to ask yourself  “What part of me feels weak or powerless?” Close your eyes and imagine the power from your MH going there. 

Your imagination is not the musings of a child. It is the one thing that is not bound by the prison of all you have been taught. Your imagination is THE blueprint for where your MH energy flows. When we feel weak or powerless or less then, our imagination is turned off or way down. When we think that we need energy it is not energy that is lacking. There is always an abundance of that. What is lacking however is the imagination to use it, to direct it. 

​​​​​​​Imagine what you wish to accomplish and consciously direct your MH energy there. Imagine what you want to change and consciously direct your MH energy there. You lack nothing. Let your the energy of your MH teach you and power you. Your life will get better right away. Imagine that.

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 Patrick McBride

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