It’s Today

When you get a new driver’s license what do you do with the old one? Do you keep it in your wallet? Can you imagine never throwing away an expired license and just letting them stack up in your wallet decade after decade?

Of what use would the old ones be? You wouldn’t even resemble the picture in the old ones any more. A very ridiculous concept, don’t you agree?

If you do agree than can you explain why you keep pictures of your old identity in your thoughts. Why do you still see yourself as that kid that got picked on or was fat or was a late bloomer in one or more areas of your life? Is that your identity now or did that expire a long time ago? When you meet someone new do you pull out an old driver’s license and say that’s who you are? Of course not!

The old you is gone. It exists in a different time and vibration. Every single day you are better than you were the day before it. Each day you have twenty four hours more of experience, of thinking, of growing. Who you were is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is who you are right now! To compare yourself to who you were is a grave injustice.​​​​​​​ 

The only thing standing in your way of being who you want to be is all the expired yesterdays you keep trying to see as current. You are not in third grade anymore. You are not stumbling in your very first relationship anymore. You are not hindered by childish inexperience anymore. You are so much better than all that now.

Today waits at your bedside each morning with open arms welcoming you to unlimited possibilities. It says to you as you awaken “Leave yesterday to yesterday. I have enough for you to enjoy all day”. This day is unique, precious and priceless. Be grateful. Be open. Be amazed. Today is still wet clay, a new canvas. In the hours that are left it can still be reshaped or repainted. Make it a masterpiece. You deserve it!

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 Patrick McBride

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