Live, just live

We believe that good health, a great relationship, a job for as long as we want it, being secure, being safe, being trusted and prayers being answered are ours because we are doing what we believe is the right thing but what happens when this turns out to be not the truth? 

Your world is going to be rocked like a ten point earthquake time and time again because you are alive and to be alive means that you are in a process of growing and like a snake shedding a skin he is no longer fitting in you will constantly be shedding old beliefs. You may reject the urge to shed old beliefs but like the snake you will grow more and more uncomfortable until you do. You have felt uncomfortable before haven’t you?

Like everything else in this life, beliefs are temporary. We may believe that our beliefs are carved in stone but that’s just another temporary belief. So what’s a person to do?

The answer is to live, just live. When it rains, don’t debate or curse the drops. Grab an umbrella and live, just live. When life turns dark, see the darkness as a part of life and turn away from it when you are ready and live, just live. When people disappoint you, know that their path is not identical to yours and live, just live. When the world seems to be going wrong remember that the world isn’t just about you and live, just live. When everything is going great and there are rainbows all around and you feel like you are on top of the world…live, just live.

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 Patrick McBride

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