Are you going to die soon? Unknown. Are you going to die some day? Yes.

Are you going to die in your own bed in your clean pajamas with the sheets all perfectly placed around you after spending the last days surrounded by family and friends with enough strength and mental clarity to speak to each one and impart some of the wisdom that you gathered in your years here and at the end look into their eyes and tell them what they meant to you and how much you love them? 
Probably not.

The truth is that the vast majority of people die in hospitals oblivious to those around them. Sudden accidents, heart attacks and strokes take a few more. So, aside from being depressing instead of uplifting, what does this mean?

This means that NOW is the most important part of your life. This means that you and I are never assured that we will get to say all the I Love You’s that need to be said if we wait to say them. This means that there are people out there on this same planet that you and I need to go out and meet. They are not going to knock on our doors.This means that there are places on our wish list that still have not felt our footprints. This means that each hug and each smile should never be done without presence and sincerity. This means that you and I have to go into our box of dreams and dust them off and take steps to fulfill some of them NOW. This means that petty squabbles and petty annoyances will die with us and so will all the chances to connect again. This means that being right means nothing if you are being dead. This means that you and I have been holding back, keeping something in the tank for the future and we need to live bigger, better and more consciously NOW. 
Tell the people you love that you love them NOW. Impart the wisdom that you have learned NOW. Look at all of the photographs from years ago and let them fill you with gratitude NOW. Stop fussing about little things NOW. Dare to plan something new NOW. Do some of the things you were meaning to do someday NOW.

Live NOW. Love NOW. Remember what is truly important and always make it a major part of your NOW. Your life happens NOW and only NOW. Make it a great NOW for you and everyone in your life. Now that’s living.

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 Patrick McBride

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