Plant and Harvest

How much love can you give – all that you have. What if you want to give more? Then you have to have more to give. How do you get more love so that you can give more love?
If you wanted potatoes, you wouldn’t just walk out to any field and pick potatoes. You have to go to where they have been planted. If you want more love, where would you go to harvest it? Are there people in your life that make you feel loved? Are you spending enough time with them? Are there nurseries of love like homeless shelters and orphanages and animal shelters and sad homes where you can go and watch a little of your warmth bring forth a bounty of love? Can you plant an e-mail or written letter or gift or kindness or visit that will bear the fruit of love for you?
The seeds of love are always inside of you and they will bear an abundant harvest but first they must be planted otherwise they just sit in suspended animation inside of you until you do. Once planted they produce even more seeds and the harvest keeps getting larger. Soon you are filled and you have a bounty to share.
Today is a perfect day for planting the seeds of love. If you put it off you will also put off any harvest. To have more – plant more. Today.
(c)2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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