Who do you complain about most often? Who is it that disturbs your thoughts so much that they become a constant topic of your conversation? Whose failure to do things “right” has got you boiling from time to time? Who is this person?

This person is called by many names but the one that is most appropriate is “Your Teacher”.

This person is in your life for a bunch of very good reasons. This is the person who will teach you strength, courage and self reflection. This is the person who will make you define what you want by making you absolutely sure of what you don’t want.

When you look at this person in real time or just bring them to mind, there is probably a visceral reaction that you can feel immediately. That feeling says there is still work to be done.

Remember when you were in school and you were sitting at your desk and you wanted to study one thing but your teacher wanted you to study something less pleasant? Well, he or she is back! Your teacher may now be disguised as a relative or neighbor or boss or fellow worker and you know what? Your reluctance to learn from them has grown stronger with time.

So what’s the answer? The answer is LOVE. Love yourself so much that change is inevitable. Love yourself so much that decisions come easily. Love yourself so much that complaining ceases and action begins. Complain and you cease to grow. Take action and you grow. Grow and you graduate.

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