If you have been on this earth for more than a decade or two you know that life has a way of taking from us people and things that we hold dear. We know the pain it brings and so we try to prevent it from happening, all to no avail.

We wear our seatbelt, buy insurance, put locks on our doors, take our vitamins, all in a bid to hang on to what we consider pleasant in this life. Doing these things we feel a little better but we know that beyond the shadow of a doubt, anything can change at any moment. So what can we do?

First, face reality. EVERYTHING in existence is temporary. Even that great ball of light we call our sun is, in the grand span of time, temporary. 

Second, understand that EVERYTHING changes while it is in existence. The changes may be so small as to be almost imperceptible or they may be sudden and cataclysmic. 

So if everything is subject to ending and is constantly changing during its existence, how do we deal with this? The answer is… we stop cowering before any fear and we stand up and say “Bring it on! Yep,the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to live this life to the fullest. I know that nothing is going to last forever but in the meantime I am going to enjoy what I can. I will enjoy my pleasures now because they are temporary and I will stand tall during adversities because I know they are temporary too.”

We live smaller lives than we should because we believe that if we don’t stick out, bad things won’t notice us. We use amulets, prayers, rituals and anything else we can think of to ward off suffering and pain as if any of those things were more powerful than the force that created us and directs all of life. 

Hold the pleasant things in your hand like a beautiful ice crystal and enjoy it before it melts. Hold yourself strong against the winds of misfortune and loss knowing that no storm lasts forever. Stay in the moment as much as possible for there is eternity in the moment and Live, just live. 

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 Patrick McBride 

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