If you live long enough you will suffer the loss of those you know and even those you love. Everyone has a different idea of what happens after death but everyone agrees that the loss hurts. Sometimes it’s a small hurt and sometimes it’s a great big, last a lifetime kind of hurt but it’s always a hurt.
Why would I be writing about death and loss on a holiday such as Thanksgiving here in the U.S.? It is because barring some seance or ancient ritual, I can’t communicate with those who have died, only with those who are alive right now. It is this ability to communicate with you right now that I am most grateful for today.

We can text and talk and FaceTime and Skype and write in the sand and take pictures of it. We can hug and laugh and argue and act and play and love together. We can do all these things and more because you and I are alive right now and I thank all the powers that be that we are.

Take this awareness of being alive right now and look around you and think about all the people and pets you know and all whom you love who are alive right now in your life. Give thanks for the opportunity to connect and communicate with them. It is an opportunity that will not last forever.

Sharing this moment in time with you is only possible

because we are alive. I am incredibly Thankful that you are alive and that you are somehow, some way in my life. In a while we will both be gone but right now I am very grateful that you are alive. I will give a great shout of “Thank You!” for your aliveness today. Please look around you and give a shout too!

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 Patrick McBride

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