The Road

We all want to know our purpose. We all want to know what we should really be doing with our lives. The answer is that our life, our destiny is in the hands of a Creator who is much more than we are. Our life’s purpose is being guided unerringly in a certain direction. Otherwise it would be like putting a hundred small children in a playground and expecting a city to be built. Not going to happen. There is guidance in every moment of our lives. There is a plan! You and I don’t have to worry about the thing we most worry about!

When we surrender to a higher power it doesn’t mean that we throw our hands up in the air and give up. It doesn’t mean that we suddenly become a puppet of some celestial being. It means that we agree to flow in the direction that we are beings guided. Which direction is that? It is the direction that makes us feel better.

When we are cruel or mean, we feel bad. It’s a sign that we are thinking and acting in the wrong direction. When we help someone, when we do a kindness and feel good, it is the right direction.

There is guidance for us every step of the way. We can ignore it and make our journey one of suffering or we can accept it and realize that all is well. It may not seem like it in every moment but all is always well. Have faith in that. Faith is not a memorization of words but a commitment to ignore the clouds because you know without a doubt that there is a sun shining behind them.

Your road is laid out for you. You can’t fail. Your only job is to hold as many hands and paws as you can along the way. Lighten up, stop worrying and start enjoying.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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