Two things

Two things we need to know:

1) Life is not fair. 2) We are not in control.

We see an adorable picture of a baby snow lion and we are happy. We watch her mother kill a baby goat to feed her and we are sad. The killing is very fair for the snow lion but very unfair to the goat’s parents. A fire races through the forest and displaces the homes of many creatures. The burned off undergrowth allows seeds, no longer blocked from the sunshine to grow, feeding other creatures. Fair or Unfair? 

Everything that happens and I mean EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS has some benefit somewhere but we are so narrowly focused on our life and our plans and our blueprint for our life that anything contrary to that becomes a source of depressing or angry negativity. Why?

It is because in reality we are not in control, never were never will be. We usually find some kind of ambiguous teaching that covers our hurts with some kind of sweetness or promises and we cling to it like a drowning sailor clinging to a styrofoam ice chest. 

Okay, so our plans won’t always work out. We will be visited often by the unfairness of life and we are not in control of any of this. What are we supposed to do???

1)We are to accept the reality of each moment. Whatever is happening in this moment is reality. To wish the reality of the moment was different is to believe in a mental fairytale. That fairytale offers us a ridiculous, temporary respite and leaves us powerless to deal with what is truly happening.

2) Once we accept that we are not in control (if not -try changing the weather or your kidney function) we must ask the question -who is? The answer is that there is something that is so much greater than us that it defies naming or understanding. If fact once we name it or say we understand it, we have gained nothing except a bigger ego.

1) Life is unfair only because we can’t see all of it and if we can’t see all of it, we can’t understand any of it.

2) Something beyond our understanding is in control and all we can do is to have gratitude for what feels good and to not give up when it feels not so good.

You can do it.

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 Patrick McBride

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