Your magic wand

Where’s your magic wand? You know, the one you use to change people into being more like you. The magic wand that makes other people like what you like and dislike what you like. Oh yeah, the magic wand that makes them act like you too. You know, the good manners and all the niceties that you hold so dear. 

Where’s your magic wand, the one that with a simple wave of your hand other people especially the ones you care about see the foolishness of their beliefs and suddenly slap their foreheads and realize that your beliefs were so obviously true and theirs were so obviously wrong?

Where’s your magic wand, the one that makes everyone get along? The one that allows family members and friends to always be on the same page? You know, the magic wand that always ensures peace and harmony among the people you like and the people you love.

Where’s your magic wand? Really, where is it? Go ahead and grab it. I’ll wait. ……Dum dee dum….Doe dee doe…. 

Wait! What! You can’t find it! You never had one! How can this be true? You’ve been wanting to change other people all your life and now you’re saying that you don’t have the means to do that!!!! You have never had the means to do that!!!! 

​​​​​​​Well, I believe you. You really don’t have a magic wand. I guess you know what that means. Yep, you’re going to have to give up trying to make other people believe and act more like you. Your going to have to accept people, yeah that includes family, just as they are. You are going to have to finally give up complaining about people who won’t change. 

Life is tough without a magic wand and yet some people do change without it. The funny thing is, they only change when they want to change. So, wish and pray for things to go according to your plans but always remember that there just might be a better plan already in place. 

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