Darkness is Temporary

If you sit still and recollect for just a moment you can easily recall some of those times in your life when the darkness was so heavy upon you that it was difficult to even stand.You thought that your world and your sanity were coming to an end. They are still easy to recall because the scars still seem new. What isn’t so easy to recall is what happened right after that. Slowly, something started to bring in dim flashes of light to your darkness. You ignored them because the darkness was you by that time. The light kept appearing against your wishes. It grew brighter and more persistent and something inside of you knew that you were coming out of the darkness whether you wanted to or not.
You are allowed to visit the darkness in this life for reasons that you deem appropriate but you are not allowed to rent a room there. There is a force, the greatest force in the universe, that watches over you day and night. Call it what you will. I call it Love. It has the power to walk into the darkness and find you and bring you out and it never, ever fails. It doesn’t matter how deep the darkness or how great the reason for being there. It always rescues you.
We always believe that every dark episode is temporary except the one we are in but we fool ourselves. All darkness is temporary and we have to merely shout “Enough!” and love will rescue us once again. It never gets tired of rescuing us because…..it is Love. Count on it.

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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