Don’t Give Up!

(You are strong!)

There comes times in life when giving up seems not only a great relief but the best possible choice. Suddenly, giving up on a dream or a relationship that you once held tightly seems the only way. For days and sometimes years later you continue to play “what if” games with yourself concerning your decision. Giving up always involves some level of regret, longing, in other words, attachment.

When you take a step to walk towards something you want, you don’t give up on where you are. You see what you want to be, do or have and you move towards it. Simple, right? Since you learned to take your first steps, you have enjoyed the ability to move towards what you want. Even if you fell down, you got back up and kept moving towards what you wanted.

From today onwards, there’s no more giving up. Banish that phrase from your vocabulary. There is only moving forward towards what you really want. If where you are in a job or a relationship or a state of health is unacceptable, start stepping towards your dream, your joy, what you really want. Don’t settle!

You don’t give up on the beach to go into the ocean for a swim. You just move towards what you want. You don’t give up on addiction. You move to healthier choices. You don’t give up on toxic people. You move towards better people. You don’t give up on a bad job. You move towards a good one. You don’t give up on improving you. You move towards being kind to you.

Giving up keeps you attached to the way it was. Moving forward makes you free. Take a step!

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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