The way you act on MOST days is who you are. Every day we have different challenges and different resources. Every day there is a possibility that we will forget a workout or a meditation. Maybe we will be short tempered and cold. Maybe we will blow our diet or eat foods we shouldn’t. Maybe we will lie or exact some revenge. Maybe we’ll do things we wouldn’t normally do. What does that mean? Are we bad? Is there badness just lurking beneath our surface waiting to take over when we have a weak moment?

Definitely not! We are human! It is our nature to be complex. It is our nature to seek diversity in our experiences, to experience every facet of life. We are experience junkies. We crave different feelings. Some we experience only in our minds or fantasies. Some we experience briefly and some we integrate into our lives because they make us feel better.

We will always be remembered for how we acted MOST of the time. Sure, there will always be stories about “Remember that time when Uncle Harry got drunk and…” or “Remember the time Aunt Alice went up to that stranger and…”. Exceptions make for great stories but they don’t define people.

Yes, you’ll have bad days and days that you wish you could go back and change your words or actions but let it go. There will be days that you don’t live up to your own standards or the standards of those you love but let it go. There will be sarcastic instead of loving responses from you but let it go.

Most of the time, we will do, say and act according to our heart and our beliefs and that is who we really are. The moments that we don’t will be sudden and brief and will not permanently harm ourselves or anyone else unless we judge ourselves or others by those brief exceptions.

When you see someone else acting or speaking out of the ordinary for them and it is not abusive, realize and accept that they are experiencing an exception. What matters is how we and they act MOST of the time. So if it’s briefly not right, let it go.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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