This weekend I was in Los Angeles for the graduation of my youngest. He graduated Magna cum laude from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. What is amazing is that he switched to the business school in his third year and managed to do four years of an incredibly difficult business school in two years in some cases getting special permission to take introductory courses and advanced courses in the same subject in the same semester, a herculean feat but he did it and he did it with the highest grades.

I am immensely proud of Michael and I told him many times over the weekend that he could do anything he wanted to do with the rest of his life. I told him that all he had to do was set a goal, any goal, and he could attain it. I absolutely believe that is true.

As I sat down to write to you this morning I started thinking about you and I. Do I believe we can still do anything we want? Do I still think that you and I can set a goal, any goal, and reach it? My answer is a giant, unequivocal YES!

I’ve been writing Sundrops for almost nineteen years now and the overriding message is that by loving ourselves and believing in ourselves we are unlimited.

Granted, Michael is way smarter than I will ever be but his chances of happiness and fulfillment has less to do with his diploma and more to do with what he repeatedly says to himself. And the same is true for us.

Michael and you and I have a future. Whether that future is one minute or many, many years only a Higher Power knows. But how our future unfolds is going to depend on what goals we write down and how we talk to ourselves in each and every moment.

If you woke up this morning it is a commencement, a new beginning. Are your goals written down? Is your thinking, your self talk heading you in the right direction? I know I have work to do on this and I figure now is a pretty good time for me to start. How about you?

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