Hot thoughts

What are you hot for? We’re not talking hot flashes or ambient temperature here. We are talking about what you feel inside. We are talking about, in other words, what are you passionate about?

We all have daily rituals and to do lists. We constantly deal with the mundane and predictable. The question is, what do we think about while doing them? It is what we think about during these tasks that is going to determine our energy level, our happiness quotient, our positivity.

If you are doing a mundane, has to be done, task and thinking about how boring and meaningless it is in the long run and how your life is ebbing away while everyone else is partying like it’s New Year’s Eve every day, you are not going to feel creative or loving or energized. Your immune system and your relationship with everyone including yourself will suffer.

Kick worry and boredom to the curb. Instead, think about puppies and kittens and babies or maybe Gatsby style yachts and global jetsetting or maybe your quilting or golfing or gardening or gospel or music or yoga.

Find what floats your boat, what puts a sparkle in your eye, what you are hot for and hold on to that like an overboard sailor on a life preserver.

This is a world that provides you with an infinite number of things to think about each day and your thoughts can reward you or punish you so choose wisely. Your life is and always will be greatly influenced by the thoughts you repeatedly think. Think about that.

(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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